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Lifted music
Founded 2006
Founder Chris Renegade
Genre Drum and bass/ Avant garde
Country of origin England
Location St Alban
Official website [1]

Lifted music is a drum and bass concept label mainly releasing neurofunk and avant-garde drum and bass. The idea behind the label is to create a collective of friends rather than just releasing their tracks. Each producer tours the world in order to promote the English and American drum and bass underground scene.


Created in 2006, Lifted Music is a UK-based drum and bass label managed and owned by Chris Renegade. With audio and video talents from all over the world, Lifted represents a new concept in the drum and bass underground scene. In order to promote new talents, the team launched in 2007, a bi-weekly podcast on iTunes which received interest from drum and bass fans all around the world. According to the vinyl distribution company S.T. Holdings Ltd [1], Lifted music had immediate support from drum and bass artists such as Calyx (artist), Teebee, Noisia, dieselboy, Phace, Ed Rush, Pendulum, Phace, Chase and Status. The collective now focus on releasing a full EP for each members.

The Lifted' crew[edit]

Chris Renegade managed the TOV Music Groug (A&R / Label Manager/Renegade Hardware/ Barcode/ Renegade Recordings) for four years. While managing the group, Chris discovered some of the most respected artists in the contemperary drum and bass scene, and decided to create the Lifted concept label with the help of long time friend Spor. Chris Renegade now run the Lifted music's label and regularly tours around the world as a DJ.

2006 has seen Spor depart from the TOV Music Group, a project for Evol Intent Recordings and Planet Mu, a track on Subtitles Recordings and a remix for Pendulum with Toxic Shock. In 2007, his track Molehill released on Subtitles Recordings climb to the BBC Radio1 D&B Top ten in May 2007. [2].Also in 2007, Spor released a track on Lifted 001 and his Lifted 002 double EP, supernova, reached the BBC Radio1 D&B Top Ten.[3]

Apex has been producing music as Unknown Error for the last 3 years, but has recently split from the partnership to shape his own identity. With Unknown Error featuring on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Moving Shadow, Defcom and Horizons, and covering a range of styles, Apex has already begun to continue from where he left off. His debut work as Apex - The Space Between feat. Ayah, has made its way straight onto Hospital Records and into the BBC Radio1 D&B Top Ten.[4]

American Evol Intent also join the Lifted collective. The crew operates as a three pieces outfit: Knick, Gigantor and the Enemy. They all grew up in the punk-hardcore culture and are now involved in the American drum and bass scene. They launched the Evol intent recording label in 2000, and released tracks from Ewun, SPL, Current value, Couterstrike, Mayhem, Psidream, as well as themselves.[5]

A second American entrant completes the stateside lineup: From New-York, Ewun has already released some of his work on labels such as Evol Intent recordings, Barcode and Human Imprint recordings. 2007 will see a US tour for Ewun, as well as a double EP for lifted music.


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