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I am an Acadien living in Ottawa working in the field of toxicology (unfortunately, I am mostly a paper scientist, I don't get to do my own research). I have done a few minor edits so far but I decided that perhaps having my own account would be preferable.

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Completed projects[edit]

Adding photo to Kouchibouguac National Park article

Change notes on pulling of Methoprene - containing products by EPA as current information is misleading (see Flea and Methoprene articles)

Notes on the delightful odor of Thioacetone

Current and upcoming projects[edit]

See the state of the French entry on Kouchibouguac National Park. Improve if possible.

Clarify regulatory status of LD50 test on Toxicology and LD50 page

Post information on toxicology of boric acid

Research the light bulb - some details on patent issues

Do some work on naval artillery in the age of sail - already have started improving cross-linking of related pages.

Help maintain the List of Ship attacked by Somalia Pirates. So far I have uploaded 6 attacks in April - busy month!

clean up Personal Care


Went to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, time to add photos. Already added one of the Hope Diamond, the American Golden Topaz and the Portuguese Diamond - the last one I must admit isn't great, but hey it's better to have a so-so photo than no photo at all.

Star of Artaban page created - my first page woot! :D

Now I've added the Star of Asia as well. :)

Stopwatch Gang upcoming article[edit]

(tittle here)

insert small article to "steal" code here

references to start

Serial Killer[edit]

I'm not really fond of this topic, but when I heard Michael Wayne McGray had killed *again* and realized he wasn't in Wikipedia, I had to create a page. I know it's pretty rough, but I hope now the page exists others will pick up the torch and improve the article. Grim topic, but worthy of being on Wikipedia.

Nineveh Plains Offensive[edit]

I created this out from scratch! Pretty pleased with myself ha. Honestly it's... okay ish I guess, I hope that the wikipedia editors will polish this into proper shape (it *really* needs a map). But at least I know I put down the groundwork (so many references) :) I think the part that amuses me the most is that there is no name for this battle... but the article needed at title, so I made one, the Nineveh Plains Offensive. If this is how the battle becomes known in history, I will be tickled pink.

A number of people have made changes that improved it for the better - this is how Wikipedia should work! Thanks folks! Observer31 (talk) 15:50, 28 December 2015 (UTC)