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Harry Wilson Watrous
Born (1857-09-17)September 17, 1857
San Francisco, California
Died May 10, 1940(1940-05-10) (aged 82)
New York City
Nationality American
Known for Painting
Awards National Academy of Design, Clarke Prize (1894), Carnegie Prize (1931), President (1933)

Harry Wilson Watrous (1857 — 1940) was an American painter and illustrator. As a young man (1883-1888), he was known as one of the few cabinet painters of the 1880s creating small paintings with great attention to detail in the style of seventeeth-century Dutch masters such as Metsu, Terborch, and Vermeer.[1]


Watrous was born in San Francisco, CA on Sept. 17, 1857. After studying in Paris, he settled in New York City. Watrous died on May 10, 1940, in New York City.

Professional Life[edit]

Watrous studied cabinet painting in Paris (1881-1886) at studied at the Julian Academy and in Bonnat's atelier. His early art was influenced by Jean Leon Gerome, William Bouguereau, and Jean Louis Meissonier. His later art was simpler, more stylistic, primarily due his failing eyesight beginning in 1905. A Watrous illustration, Some Little Talk of Me and Thee There Was, was used as the cover of the March 1, 1911, issue of Ladies' Home Journal.[2][3]

Watrous held memberships in the Lotus Club, the Salmagundi Club, and the NA. He was a member of NAD and served as secretary from 1895-1920 and as president in 1933.


  • 1894-1934 - NAD
  • 1901 - Pan American Expo, Buffalo, medal
  • 1904 - Louisiana Purchase Expo, St. Louis
  • 1905 - Lewis & Clark Expo, Portland
  • 1937 - Grand Central Gallery, New York City, solo



Cabinet Paintings[edit]

Other Works[edit]


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