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I haven't used this in forevvveeeerrrrr.

Deleted boring text about self.

Wikipedia's kinda finished by now, right?

Articles to which I have contributed[edit]

Bishop Bell School - Added a basic framework and elaborated on the detail, with references (from 1,721 bytes to 10,671 bytes).
Italian language#Examples - Making it all just a tiny bit nicer.
Anaphora (linguistics) - Adding continuity between anaphora-cataphora-exophora-etc and such referential linguistics.
Exophora - As above.
Adjacency pairs - Slight wikification.
Degreeting - Created page, and now need references.

And some other bits here and there.

Cool dudes[edit]

Derren Brown
Richard Dawkins
Alan Turing
Bertrand Russell
Stephen Fry
Stephen Pinker
Douglas Adams