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I believe that images should be generally entered as thumb, without an explicit size, so that individual users can choose what size is best for them in terms of download bandwidth (speed and cost), and in terms of ink used when printing (particularly for drafts of changes). I appreciate the value of a good colourful photograph in the right place in an article, but:

  • if you like big pictures you can set your default in my preferences
  • if you like small pictures, then ditto
  • different browsers will show different things to different people
  • viewing on a different screen size will change the appearance greatly from the "ideal" set by one editor on a given computer

That's why I use thumb anyway.

See also: Wikipedia:Manual of Style#Images

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  • Image:Evesham Abbey Bell Tower.jpg (originally smaller image copied to Commons as :Image:310px-Evesham Abbey Bell Tower.jpg) featured in new articles on German Wikepedia front page [1] 8 April 2007.

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  1. Phoenix prefabs by (Lord Portal)
  2. Table (British Parliamentary procedure)
  3. Hazelwood School, Birmingham - created as redirect to Rowland Hill (postal reformer)#Educational reform

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