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Christopher K. Ho (born 1974, Hong Kong) is an artist and curator who lives and works in New York City. He graduated from Cornell University in 1997 and Columbia University with an M.Phil in 2003.

His work has been exhibited in noteworthy venues including MassMoCa[1], Dallas Contemporary, Jamaica Center for the Arts [2], Sarah Meltzer Gallery, Queens Museum of Art, and Socrates Sculpture Park. He is represented by Winkleman Gallery in New York and EDS Galeria in Mexico City, Mexico.

Ho's conceptually oriented work is largely collaborative and site specific with regionalism as a recurring subject. In 2010 he produced a memoir taking on the persona of Hirsch E.P. Rothko, an anagram of the artist's name, to explore the subject of Regionalism as applied to contemporary art.[3]

In 2001, he co-curated "The Brewster Project", which displaced New York City contemporary artists to Brewster, NY to create projects responding to a small town, using it as a gallery.[4] He has also curated shows at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council[5], Jamaica Center for the Arts, and SCOPE Art fair.

Ho has taught at Rhode Island School of Design and Cranbrook Academy of Art as the (2010-2011) Critical Studies Teaching Fellow.[6]


  • 2010 Regional Painting Winkleman Gallery, New York[7]
  • 2009 Et in Arcadia Eco EDS Galeria, Mexico City, Mexico
  • 2009 Incheon Biennale Incheon, Korea
  • 2008 Happy Birthday Winkleman Gallery, New York[8][9]
  • 2008 Busan Biennial APEC Naru Park, Busan, Korea
  • 2007 Ceci n'est pas... Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York[10]


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