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I'm Pasan Bhathiya and am an editor of Wikipedia since about 2007. After having several user accounts, this permanent user account was started in 2009.

I'm a a graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Biology and currently a Medical student pursuing Doctor of Medicine(MD).

I'm a rather good pianist, now mostly self studying after about 3-4 years of getting lessons.I'm a chorister and am singing tenor. I'm a journalist,an editor, a writer(of several books,and a couple of novels,though not published yet,he!he!),an announcer,a presenter and a speaker. I used to play basketball,and I love Astronomy,Astrology. I like to read books very much, and I hope to quench my thirst for knowledge by that. I like to learn languages, and can be called a "Linguaphile" thus. I'm an environmentalist,who sees conservation is very important. I'm wishing that Wikipedia may be developed,and willingly help for the betterment of Wikipedia. I do not like vandalism and am encouraging others to fight against Vandalism. I'm really happy that the foundation had asked the public to engage with strategic planning.