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This is a fictional event.

3/31 took place on March 31, 2006. The world's top 200 tallest buildings (outside of Brothers Village) were terrorist attacked. Many school children were disturbed by the news, because they were starting class when the first plane struck.

Taipei 101[edit]

Many workers were beginning work at about 8:00am (EST) on March 31, 2006. They were unaware that a P.S.S. Airlines plane had been hijacked - and was headed straight towards them. At the Taipei 101 Elementary School students were also unaware. At 8:00am (EST) the plane slammed into to the tower at the 88th floor. On P.S.S. News-CNN Noddy Sheridan said "A plane has just slammed into Taipei 101, we...", everbody thought it was an accident then, at 8:04am (EST), the Brothers Village government took co-responsibility for the attacks.