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Heraclitus, c.535 - 475 BC
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This user is more interested right now in cleaning up vandalism and grammar than creating content.

This user believes philosophically that it would be better if wikipedia did have an article for every person on Earth (and possibly every street), but recognizes that by joining the project this user has made an implicit agreement to follow the project's policies and guidelines.

What follows are really just notes for me, but feel free to leave comments on my Talk page.

Stuff that I plan to work on eventually[edit]

Pages to create[edit]

Altec Industries Inc.: check to see if this privately-held company passes the test for notability and if so create the article

Silver Snoopy: start with sources from official NASA page

Pages to clean up[edit]

Assumption (Poker): clean up the style

Blue's Clues: format the dates of the episodes, delete superfluous information (see also notes on discussion)

Fifth grade: clean up this awful mess

Organizational chart: isn't there a way to ease out all of the commercial solicitations from "Creating Charts" without offending people?

Shades Valley High School: clean up some of the information so kindly added by (apparently) someone at the school (and in good faith)

Teledyne: change the company name to Teledyne Technologies Inc., clean up the company history, examine policy before moving the article or using a redirect

Voronezh: clean up the language

Pages to discuss before doing anything[edit]

Blue's Clues: in Talk, discuss addition of target audience to the first paragraph information (or research the standard format in the television project) (see also notes on clean up)

Organization: in Talk, discuss the clean up of the awful Virtual Worlds section before being Bold; under "Staff Org", decide whether there is any point in that link to employment under the word "staff"

Mike Shula: in Talk, discuss the fact that this article is not at all encyclopedic, and how to pare it down properly

Soviet submarine K-19: in Talk, discuss that the first paragraph is not at all NPOV, and contains sloppy writing, but discuss it before cleaning it up, and also discuss whether or not it is verifiable that the captain was nominated for a Peace Prize

My user space[edit]

Decide whether or not it is value-added to leave user boxes on this page

Decide on any other appropriate headers and footers for this page

Set up some templates for myself (for revert edit summaries, etc.)

Set up links to policy, formating, etc. pages that I reference frequently

Other stuff[edit]

Look for project related to college football coaches

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