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"There is not room for facts in the human mind...only interpretations of facts."


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Work in Progress[edit]

I read your talk regarding Darwinism vs. creationism. I've always believed in Darwin's theory but I noticed parts of it, like the origin of life, natural selection, and species coming and going by "random" genetic changes weren't so factual and lacked evidence. I then noticed someone on my network got blocked (which got me blocked shortly) and he SOURCED his things with sources like BERKLEY.EDU and was unbias, but NONE of his edits were allowed. It did get sloppy at one point, but in the end he was blocked INDEFENETLY, with OUT WARNING, for a not so bad listing that even M Johnson, who blocked him the most in the past, said shouldn't be allowed. The admin said ok, but since the guy WARNED he would EXPOSE this via free speech on his youtube/book, he was banned again for "threats/uncivility."

I maintain the earth is billions years old via half-life dating and SOME of evolution, but not Darwin's theory. I think this is an unfair, bias conspiracy. IF want to do something, I'm joining and promoting the guy's group. Please cut and paste this to the others in our shoes and we will fight back united. Complex cells can't be proven have formed from matter, they can only be created. Let me know and we'll quietly/calmly figure it out. Thanks