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Note: For reasons yet to be determined, I've committed the grave mistake of spelling my nickname with a lowercase C during registration. It is "PC-72" - with both letters uppercase and a properly placed dash to balance. However, those are puny bagatelles!

So... Mission statement! Read carefully, and dare not to commit crimes against grammar and spelling while reading:

I am what can be referred to as a "grammar nazi" - or, in more...diplomatic terms, a person with considerable skills and knowledge in grammatical endeavours. I intend to make it my task - nay, my vigil (whenever I remember it) - to seek out and destroy every grammatical inconsistency, every punctuation misplacement, every typing mishap that I may come across during the course of my article reading action.

I will likely also keep an eye out for vandalism (which used to occur more frequently in earlier times) which I will correct - though not before snapping a screenshot (for the lulz) for my growing collection (which may or may not end up on the Internet when I choose to desire so).

With all said that could be said, cheers.

-- PC-72 (with uppercase C and first class spelling)