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Other projects[edit]

I've contributed to English Wiktionary, English Wikibooks, English Wikisource, and probably others, and have non-trivial userpages on Commons and Simple English Wikipedia.


  • Perey is short for Peregrine, the name I've used online since, oh, roughly 1996? 1997?
  • Rapidly went from frequent reader to editor when my pedantic nature overcame the voice telling me not to add another distraction from uni.
  • Interests: ...everything. Hence being on Wikipedia, you know. Pedantic grammar and spelling policing a speciality. Fantasy fiction, computing, religion, and science are among the top categories.

Wikipedia opinions[edit]

This list will be added to as things come to mind.

Commonwealth vs American spellings[edit]

As an Australian, I favour Commonwealth spelling. But I'm generally all for a balance of power on Wikipedia. Individual articles should be consistently one or the other, except where specific instances call for a change within an article. I revert edits made to Americanise (and, I suppose, Briticise, if I ever came across one) an article without any justification (like consistency).

Actually, I'd like to see Angr's Unified English Spelling adopted, but hey...

Expert review[edit]

I've been thinking about the reliability problem of Wikipedia, and I think expert review is the best chance we have for making subjects reliable. My means would look something like this:

  1. Wikiprojects or similar would be responsible for identifying experts (based on verifying the identity of an editor, and verifying their expert-ness; this is weak point A).
  2. Experts are given some sort of identification and privileges (which may simply be the right to greater weight in discussion of disputes).
  3. Repeat for a large number of experts; experts, like the rest of us, are prone to their biases, prejudices, and misconceptions. They're just less likely (we hope) to be stupid or malicious.

Currently working on...[edit]

Nothing in particular. I used to watch my watchlist like a hawk, but no longer.


I have had a past professional connection with Westnet. Though I have made edits to that article, doing so was and is in no way related to any professional duties I had.