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"A man of truth must also be a man of care." -Mahatma Ghandi

I am an avid chronicler and I hope only to try and lend what limited skills of research I have to Wikipedia. I mostly edit pages on Abrahamic religion and the Bahá'í Faith in particular, as they are the subjects of which I have access to the most research material and have the most experience in (as opposed to other subjects, not other editors.)

Personal Policies[edit]

The majority of my contributions to Wikipedia concern cleanup, maintenance, and defense of articles from vandals. While Wikipedia policy covers a certain portion, I have a personal approach regarding how I go about my edits within those guidelines.

Abusive Edit Policy[edit]

Revert Policy[edit]

Editing Policy[edit]

  • This user mercilessly tags articles that he is unable to readily fix, with care not to overtag, and ruthlessly tags uncited content.
  • This user feels Wikipedia's ignore all rules policy is only ever regularly applied to itself.
  • This user makes edits per Wikipedia Policy alone, and does not edit Wikipedia to meet his religious or social beliefs.

Much To-Do About Nothing[edit]

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