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I am currently working as a Fundraising Production Coordinator for Wikimedia Foundation. Phancy Physicist is my personal account and my use of it is as a volunteer. Any edits made by this account reflect my personal feelings, options, understanding and knowledge. They are in no way offical actions of Wikimedia Foundation.

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I am a physicist by trade. There is more info coming later.


I have a B.S. in physics from Penn State Behrend

I am finishing a M.S. in physics from University of Akron.

I am currently looking for a place in which to do my Ph.D. studies.

Draft pages[edit]

potential (physics)

Helpful Mark-Up[edit]

Table caption
{d^2\theta\over dt^2}+{g\over \ell} \sin\theta=0 \quad\quad\quad (1)

Wikipedia Editing[edit]

I used to be in the habit of editing Wikipedia using "-anon" but now I know better. Here is a link to my activity page. [[1]]

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Also I feel that the "Key Wikipedia policies and guidelines" need to be read more often so here you go.

Curriculum Vitae[edit]


Produce both academically and industrially relevant research. Obtain a position in a doctoral program.


Pennsylvania State University

B.S., Physics, May 2007

Minor, Mathematics

Minor, Computer Science

Relevant Courses

  • Research Methods

  • Optics

  • Modern Physics

  • Electronics

  • Object Oriented Design

  • Data Struct & Algorithm

University of Akron

M.S., Physics, Graduate Summer 2010

Relevant Courses

  • Nanotechnology

  • Biophysics

  • Advanced Laboratory

  • Classical Mechanics

  • Statistical Mechanics

  • Electromagnetic Theory

  • Solid State Physics

  • Mathematical Methods

Research Experience

Department of Physics, Penn State University, 2007

  • Computer simulation of magnetic fluid flow

Department of Physics, University of Akron, on-going

  • Computer simulation of carbon nanotubes

Computational Skills

  • Object oriented design

  • Algorithm design

  • Linux

  • Latex

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • C++

  • Fortran

  • OpenGL

  • PASCO DataStudio®

  • Vernier

Teaching Experience

Pennsylvania State University

  • Teaching Assistant

  • S.C.A.L.E.-U.P. style introductory mechanics

University of Akron

  • Lab Assistant

    • Introductory mechanics

    • Introductory electromagnetic theory

    • Astronomy

  • Grading

    • Mathematical Methods


Barr, C. and Buldum, A.,

“Thermal Transport Through Carbon Nanotube Junctions and Carbon Nanotube Nanopapers” presented at the A.P.S. 2009 March meeting, Pittsburgh, PA.

Selected Honors

  • Of the Year” Award, Penn State University, 2007

  • Outstanding Performance in Physics, Penn State University, 2007