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WikiProject Physics
WikiProject Physics
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WikiProject Physics

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This WikiProject exists to improve the quality of existing articles related to physics, to create articles to cover a broader range of physics topics, and to categorize and link them in appropriate ways. The result of this work should be articles that are accessible to the lay reader and yet are also useful to the professional working in the field. Some articles are of interest to grade-school students, others only to advanced graduate students and post-docs: all such communities should be served.

All are welcome to help, from those 'merely' interested in physics to practicing professionals and academics. All are needed. Professional physicists oversee the accuracy of the content in their sub-fields. Together with knowledgeable amateurs they write and edit the articles. But even those with the least amount of knowledge are needed. For example, we always need more amateurs to tell us whenever articles have become too obtuse. In all cases, whether aficionado or professional, when you talk here, you talk with peers.

If you plan to be active in editing articles relating to physics, please add your name and your interests to the participants list. Concrete proposals, suggestions and activities are discussed on the Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Physics page, and any and all interested parties are encouraged to join up and participate. We also have an IRC channel on Freenode: #wikiphys.


The scope of WikiProject Physics is anything on Wikipedia that is related to physics. As of March 2015, about 18,000 articles have been identified as being physics-related. Our particular interests are core physics concepts and issues related to physics articles. In particular:

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WikiProject Physics talk page

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See also our irc channel

Current status of physics articles

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Importance 18,584/18,584 100% 07:37, 2 March 2015 (UTC)

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