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One of our founding principles is the presumption that every editor comes in with specific interests and biases but that, collectively, the result is good if we all follow the rules on civility, neutrality and verifiability; that things end up good on average as it were. — Coren 10:07 am, 15 August 2011

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Hello, I am Phearson. I have a particular interest in articles with COI problems and articles not written in a WP:NPOV way. I specialize in articles with the subject being a company/corporation, as these are frequently targeted by those who own the companies, work for them, or are paid to edit on their behalf. I also do audio work for Wikipedia and for Wikinews.

I am more active during the winter. As I get snowed in, I have more time to the wiki.

Bot Operator Notice[edit]

This is a Master Account, my alternate Account is PhearBOT, He is currently mothballed for non-use. Sad really.

Working with Phearson[edit]

If you are requesting my assistance with article already in existence, ---I am NOT taking requests for help right now--- Users who want to have an article about their company are advised to read about Conflict-of-Interest and possibly WP:PEW if you are a PR rep, SEO, Marketer, or a freelancer who is employed on behalf of the company to edit its article.


I'd advised that you work with the editors that have brought attention to your editing and work with them. Also, I can quickly detect BS, and call you out on it. I will make short of your rambling wall-of-text style complaints about how you are not getting your way, and will report your disruption to the administrators.

On-Wiki Recognition[edit]

Off-Wiki Recognition[edit]

  • Quora page about starting a company article with me mentioned as a go-to guy, heh. [4]

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  • The Neutral Barnstar. See WP:BARN.

Can be used with this code (just copy and paste). {{Neutral Barnstar|message ~~~~}}



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