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Subsidiary of Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories
Industry Telecom
Founded 1999
Headquarters Daly City, CA
Key people
Paul Segre (President & CEO)
Website Incorporated was an American telecommunications company supplying interactive voice response, call center technology, and voice applications to businesses over the internet using the software as a service model. Angel was acquired in 2013 by Genesys and rebranded as Genesys Cloud.[1]


Angel was developed by the CEO of MicroStrategy Michael J. Saylor, in 1997 as DSS Telecaster and DSS Broadcaster[2] and were then merged into[clarification needed] Moving away from the original telecaster idea, the company signed its first small business customers at the end of 2001 as a provider of hosted interactive voice response. was incorporated on April 30, 2008. In 2009, Dave Rennyson, former VP of Sales at Angel, was named President and COO[3] replacing long-time CEO Michael Zirngibl. In 2011, Angel introduced Voice for Twitter[4] Voice for Facebook,[5] and Voice for Chatter,[6] applications that add voice capabilities to the popular social networks and's internal social network, Chatter.

In August 2012, Angel introduced Lexee,[7] an extension of its SaaS telephony platform that enabled the publication of voice experiences simultaneously on both Telephony platforms and mobile devices. shed the ".com" from its publicly branded name in August 2010 in an effort "to support its ongoing large-enterprise customer base"[8] and remove legacy ties to the .com names that were popular 10 years earlier.


In March 2013, Genesys, a California-based customer experience and call center technology company, acquired its subsidiary Angel. Genesys integrated Angel's cloud-based self-service contact center and re-branded the service as Genesys Cloud.[9] As of June 2014, has migrated to[10] With its roots as a MicroStrategy company, Genesys Cloud integrates with products from MicroStrategy as well as with[11]


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