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My real name is Camden B. (last name not given) and have been known to go under the pseudonym of Camden Rutledge. I am a writer who is aspiring to go to the United States Military Academy at West Point. I am also an avid antique trunk collector who has written or contributed to articles that pertain of. Running hurts, but somehow I love it. Jesus Christ is very focal in my life, although I tend to stray away from Him sometimes. I am what you'd classify as a paleo-Orthodoxy Christian, and do not consider myself to be a "Bible-thumper", yet my values are derived from the sacred Text, but I'll never cite it in an argument with an atheist unless he or she asks for it.

Achievements (not to brag): 4.0 student, Civil Air Patrol Staff Sergeant, Certified Theologian, Cross Country letterer, and proud uncle.

I am also an antique collector--peculiar for my age. I collect barrister bookcases, antique trunks, Easton Press books, Military Books, and oil paintings. I also do research on antiques such as the various periods of history that produced certain styles. I'm aspiring to write a book (that's all I can say).