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Hello - I am not currently working on this project, but here is a history of the Global Youth Studies Project[edit]

The Project[edit]

I am working with my students to incorporate academic research on global youth studies more deeply into Wikipedia and to gain valuable feedback from the Wikipedia community. Our course page this semester,Wikipedia:Wiki Ed/Drake University/Global Youth Studies (Fall 2015). You can see candidate articles for editing on a page created in 2013 by my online mentor, Gobonobo: GYS article page.

Young feminists in the Chilean anti-Pinochet movement

Through our project, we seek to counter systemic bias in Wikipedia. These biases reflect, in my view, the power inequalities that exist offline that result in the uneven distribution of the things needed to be a Wikipedia editor: internet connections, comfort with technology, knowledge about things deemed "legitimate", confidence/sense of entitlement, leisure time, and English fluency. Our class is expanding academic treatment of Global South youth (and particular Global North examples currently not represented) through original articles and article edits. This project and the related course fulfill both the research design/methods intensive requirement for the Drake Sociology Major, the Rhetoric, Media, & Social Change Major, the Anthropology/Sociology Major and Drake University's information literacy general education (Areas of Inquiry) requirement.

Young adults on holiday in Venezuela near Lake Maracaibo
Young adults on holiday at Playa de Bobures near Lake Maracaibo

Contact me[edit]

You may email me here.

How to be a good member of the Wikipedia community[edit]

Don't Bite the Newbie

Tips for newbies on everything from editing to etiquette.

Creating a good article or article edit[edit]

How to start an article

Finding a useable image: try this tool. I haven't tested this much yet, but check it out if you are needing a useable image.

For final editing: Here are the specific guidelines for creating a Wikipedia:Lead section. Note the order of the elements of the lead that need to be placed correctly in the WP coding at the beginning of your edit.

Also, fairly picky standards exist for how to format the first sentence.

How to write a better article: An essential piece on how to structure an article for highest quality

Writing towards the intended audience is important:Wikipedia:Manual of Style

Technical assistance[edit]

If you need technical guidance on Wikipedia programming, references, and so forth, try the Wikipedia:Teahouse.

If you are writing a new article Wikipedia:Article_wizard.

For WP programming: Wikipedia formatting cheatsheet.

How to insert pictures into Wikipedia articles

Information on how to cite sources in Wikipedia articles

Our project uses peer-reviewed articles as references. We need to know how to cite journal articles.

Photo of unidentified youth in Latin America
Our project focuses on including experiences of global south youth - in all their diversity - into youth studies coverage in Wikipedia

Personal Scholarly Interests[edit]

You can learn more about me at this link.

Youth Studies

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