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Protagon System-users.svg This user admits to being a sock puppet, but not in an abusive way; read more here...

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Note: If you are here, please do not feel like you have been singled out - this is most likely not the case, please assume good faith. And you can talk to me, I won't bite, unless you've been openly hostile or bluntly disregarded Wikipedia rules.

Greetings! I am Protagon, the sockpuppet of another Wikipedia editor. I have chosen this method since I expect to be involved in debates on controversial issues. This sockpuppet account will mainly be used to encounter biased, dubious and/or controversial contents, in compliance with Wikipedia:Etiquette. I will never use it to influence issues concerning my other "real" editor account. As a regular editor I would say I have mostly encountered good editors and good edits, but... I have also encountered a small percentage of dubious editors. Even though they are few in comparison, they always have the potential of wreaking havoc to good contents and/or controversial issues in the encylopedia.

My main focus will be to actively defend the idea of neutral point of view, addressing biased/dubious/controversial contents, and in particular challenge ultranationalism, racism, fundamentalism and suspected political agendas. I think these issues are far worse than vandalism or sheer stupidity, since they may lead to seriously biased - but unnoticed - material entering articles.

I will always start by assuming good faith, but I will not play more nice than I have to. Therefore, I expect to draw some fire upon me, but it will be a part of the job. Thanks for stopping by!

Blame me, flame me, you can not tame me...
Some fire I have taken so far:
  • Suspected of being a sockpuppet here. Funny, I openly declare I am a (legit) sockpuppet; case got closed quickly...
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