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This is a bot account. It's request for a bot flag has been approved. Interwiki bots are now unapproved.

  1. While collecting Interlanguage links for the Ripuarian Wikipedia, it feeds back new and corrected ones to the English Wikipedia. It runs predominantly under manual control, and is using the pywikipediabot frameworks standard program, being updated daily from from svn.
  2. Planned development is to allow users to request a single bot run on a user-specified page in any Wikipedia. This is mainly intended to support users wanting to have their own user pages on various projects linked, but can also be used after manual cleanup of interwiki links. Requests are queued, bot runs will be under the auspices of the bot operator.
  3. Planned development is to use the data replicated on the toolserver as a starting point, so as to reduce server loads for inquiries and completely eleminate the need to contact regular servers unless updates are to be made.

The bot it is operated by Purodha. Please contact the bot operator at his talk pages here or at the Ripuarian Wikipedia. The latter is usually much quicker.

If you find the bot doing undesirable things, immediately write to its talk page please - this will normally interrupt the bot, and stop automated operations. Please explain then, why you did it. Thank you.