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Welcome Raul,

You have done a good job so far in Wikipedia (a.k.a. 'Pedia or WP). I can see that you're a serious Wikipedian interested in improving our project. If you stay for a while, you'll discovered that collectively, we're a cooperative and friendly community. We are all here to learn, and hopefully can give something back. If you have questions or doubts of any sort, do not hesitate to post them on the Village Pump, somebody will respond ASAP. Other helpful pages include:

Just keep in mind that while relevant discussions and constructive criticisms and are welcome, unproductive and/or destructive insults are not (see Wikiquette).

Who knows? Perhaps you'll soon become a Wikipediholic and make it into the list of Wikipedia:Most active Wikipedians! :-) --Lypheklub 20:42, Aug 31, 2003 (UTC)
p.s. Simply type four tildes (~~~~), then you can sign you name and date like I just did with mine. And please always do so after your post in Talk/discussion pages and Village Pump.


Hello Raul. You edited the page to remove the (pundit) and that will send it to a disambiguation page now (as it did before). If you return the (pundit) to the article, it will link directly to the correct reference for Bill O'Rielly. pk 20:21, 1 Sep 2003 (UTC)

Sony V Betamax

Raul, welcome to Wikipedia. Thanks for adding the link to the Sony (Betamax case) to Fair use; I've gone ahead and placed in it the appropriate section of the fair use factors analysis. Just to let you know you don't have to put underscores inside links. Also when putting cases in articles the convention is to make them italics on the outside of the link. Here is the example: ''[[Sony Corp. v. Universal City Studios]]'' . Alex756 07:22, 4 Sep 2003 (UTC)

RYE and Rye

Hi Raul. Welcome to Wikipedia. I deleted RYE as you requested. I moved the content there to Talk:Rye so that is can be merged into the main article at Rye as necessary. Fortunately both articles said much the same thing so there really isn't much to merge. Hope that's all ok with you. Pete 14:17, 17 Sep 2003 (UTC)

Use minor edit less often

Just a kind request...please only use 'minor edit' for changes in spelling and formatting. Adding complete sentences are *not* minor edits :) Kingturtle 08:04, 20 Sep 2003 (UTC)


re: Nero emperor. Redirects are the non-sysop's deletion. Cheers, Cyan 05:16, 21 Sep 2003 (UTC)

Pics policies

Raul, I've taken the liberty of adding some information on an image description page about the claimed fair use (implied) photo that you recently posted. It is a good idea to add a bit of analysis regarding fair use, thus people know it is fair use and know why you (or someone else like me) consider it fair use. That will help prevent any controversy (hopefully) and will make sure that someone does not inadvertantly think that it might be fair use in a downstream license situation that might not be so. Alex756 05:59, 2 Oct 2003 (UTC)

  • Ok, thanks for the heads up

Alan Turing

Hello, I had a question regarding the Alan Turing photo you uploaded. It's at Image_talk:Alan_Turing.jpg. Cheers, AxelBoldt 21:23, 9 Nov 2003 (UTC)