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Hi, I'm just an admin on this site. I am open to recall of my permissions; please see here for details.

I'm a graduate student working on his Master of Science in engineering.

Yell at me on my talk page if you need something.

I also post on Wikipediocracy as Reaper Eternal.

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Life, the universe, and everything[edit]

  • Civility and superficial politeness are more important in many people's eyes than basic human decency. Long-term harassment and goading is seen as, at best, a minor nuisance compared to a brief outburst of "colorful metaphors".
  • A strange phenomenon, which I have called the "Banning Kulture", seems to have sprung up in the last several years. "Assimilate to the hivemind or be eliminated!" is the new rallying cry.
  • Many newcomers are professionals, university professors, and industrial experts in their field, and they all describe how Wikipedia is a very unwelcoming place. Most of these have a plethora of knowledge to add to this encyclopedia, yet they encounter systemic resistance from the manchildren and their ANI cronies.
  • In contrast to the intellectuals, Wikipedia editors embrace children. Look, for instance, at "The Wikipedia Adventure". See what young age it is geared at? My estimate puts 8 – 12 years old as the age range of editors who will be attracted to this. While I am confident that most will grow into fine young men and women, is this really the age range we want here? No, of course not!