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Anti-racism and racism[edit]


Racism is the belief that race traits differences produce an inherent race superiority.

Antifasistische Aktion logo.svg

Anti-racism includes beliefs, actions, movements, and policies adopted or developed to oppose racism.

Master race and martial Race
White supremacy and black Supremacy
White nationalism and black nationalism
White separatism and black separatism
Pride and racial power 
White pride and black pride; white Power and black Power

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Jimbo - Founder of Nupedia and Wikipedia; CEO of Bomis.

Interesting people:
Waveguy Neat mad scientist
Anome - Second-wave Wikipedian.
戴眩sv - Saint Frankcisco artist.
Khaosworks - Deputy Registrar and Magistrate of the Singapore Subordinate Courts.
Angela - sysop from England; Wikicities founder and Wikimedia:Board of Trustees member.
Art Carlson : German Ph.D. physicist.

Skeptics, pseudoskeptics, and debunkers:
Tim Starling - PhD Skeptic Mathematician.
Stevenj - Mathematician & Skeptic Theoretician.
William M. Connolley - British Antarctic Survey Climate modeller (ed. Pathological on things not related to the climate)
Lord Kenneth - childish crackhead
Joshuaschroeder - Reverse POV-pushing ("Deletionist")

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The following list of the articles of interest is categorized into topical similarities.


Peace | United States territory | Wiki.history


Nikola Tesla | Hannes Alfvén | Albert Einstein | James Clerk Maxwell | William Rowan Hamilton | Edmund Whittaker | Thomas Henry Moray | Benjamin Franklin | Samuel F. B. Morse | Thomas Edison | Oliver Heaviside | Viktor Schauberger | Thomas Townsend Brown | Leonardo da Vinci | Johann Bessler | Johann Bernoulli | John Ernst Worrell Keely | Aldous Huxley


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Alternative Energy[edit]

List of electronics topics | Dirac sea | Mana | Photoelectric effect | Perpetual motion (History of perpetual motion machines) | Tesla patents | Tesla coil | Wardenclyffe Tower


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Thinking about[edit]

I spend a lot of time thinking about ... a great many things because I have ADD ... in no particular order and no particular importance (and without further rambling), here they are ...

WARNING : The following may contain offensive and/or explicit terms.

...the Kansas City area, quantum electrodynamics, roleplaying games (roleplaying GURPS), ways to roleplay, the trinity, psychohistory, sinful red hair goddesses, a "party of three" or a "party of four", fantasy worlds, the ark of the covenant, dancing, things related to and composed of three, being naughty (as well as other useless activities that serve no function in society), being laid back, outgoing individuals, the good times I've had, nudity, my oral fixations, non-monogamy, tits and ass, trying not to think with my penis when I'm horny, sensuality, inventing new inventions, heavy petting, fetishes, poly (eg., polyamor; polyamorous relationships), girls who masturbate (or masturbating girls) by fingering themselves while thinking about giving head, pulp fiction, boobs, long walks and intimacy, amateurs, radiant energy, pole dancers, mini-skirts, voyeurism, foxy strippers, my foot fetish, models, actresses, escorts, enjoying my leisure time, juggalettes, using candles in inventive ways, sexy girls, giving pleasure (with the use of my tongue), going out, XX rating systme that isn't used, ways to attain free energy, forceful fems, partying and getting wicked, quirky chicks in short skirts giving head and licking cocks, women in lingerie, swingers, breasts, bisexuality, stripping, tanning, tattoos, thongs, 42, girl-on-girl action (usually involving strap-ons), conspiracy theories, oral gratification, licking pussy and giving girls orgasms, voyeurism, spanking submissive women (eg., subs or bottoms), alternative science, alternative lifestyles, leather-clad dominant women (eg., doms or tops) in bdsm, toys (including sex toys), bi-sexual cum crazy bubblebutts, body painting, perturbing the quantum vacuum and harvesting the vacuum energy, XXX, exhibitionism, having an orgy, playful sluts who want dick, neurology, spanking, fellatio, freaky chicks, bi-girls that like rough sex, world domination, picture trading, general fetishes, hard sex, girls who have anal beads and butt plugs who like anal (eg., anal sex), spanking, play rape, 36ds, bars beaches clevage clits, piercings, clubbin, cuddling, dirty dancing, doggy style, drinking, teases, showing-off, sexy shaved naked moms (ala. MILFs), bi fems (eg., bi girls), couples in open marriages, flashing,neuroscience, smart girls who swing both ways (eg., switch hitters), raver red heads, group sex, threesomes, foursomes, gangbangs (and orgies), flirting, g-strings, the future of genetics, dirty skanks, girls sucking cock and using their tongues, nanotechnology, the karma sutra, women deepthroating and swallowing cum (and girls who swallow), horny latin lesbian licking hotties, renewable energy, girls forced into kissing a guy's balls, the future of technology, whores, bitches with clamps, psychopharmacology, cams and cam shows, making smart women orgasam (and eating pussy (eg., cunnilingus)), open systems, giving pleasures of the flesh, exploring an open relationship, kinky sex, free energy suppression, massages, pink pussy, using a dildo or a vibrator on a geeky girl, pagans, using whipped cream in inventive ways, perpetual motion machines, pierced nipples (and other tidbits), aether theories, love making, a bit of bondage including (but not limited to) cuffs (eg., handcuffs), gags, nipple clamps, stocks, cages, ropes, blindfolds, collars, clothes pins, chains, ...

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Wikipedia:Neutral point of view : Wikipedia:No original research : Wikipedia:Citing sources
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