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Welding Concept & Principals[edit]

Aggragated by Paul F. Morrissette[edit]

Arc welding
Oxy-fuel welding and cutting
Plastic welding
Forge welding
Shielded metal arc welding
Submerged arc welding
Electron beam welding
Laser-hybrid welding
Electrogas welding
Flux-cored arc welding
Electroslag welding
Laser beam welding
Ultrasonic welding
Magnetic pulse welding
Exothermic welding
Gas tungsten arc welding
Stud welding
Spot welding
Shot welding
Flash welding
Atomic hydrogen welding
Friction stir welding
Upset welding
Gas metal arc welding
Plasma cutting
Electric resistance welding
Welding joints
Weld quality assurance
Robot welding
Welding power supply
Cladding (metalworking)
X-ray welding
Cold welding
Diffusion bonding
Heat-affected zone
Nondestructive testing
Welding defect
Ultrasonic testing
Dye penetrant inspection
Magnetic particle inspection
Industrial computed tomography scanning
Thermal diffusivity
Flux (metallurgy)
Amorphous solid
Welder certification
Welding Procedure Specification
List of welding processes
List of welding codes
American Welding Society