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About Me[edit]

Professionally, I work at the intersection of technology and the humanities: I teach digital, paperless, iPad, open educational resources (OER), and blended-learning writing (academic and creative) and literature classes on American, British, Caribbean, and African literature as well as courses on the history of technology and gender/queer studies. Personally, I am: a collector of vintage china, umbrellas, and hats; a chocolate ice-cream connoisseur; an advocate for all things open (technology and education in particular); a feminist; and an oil painter.

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Work on Wikipedia[edit]

Work by my students[edit]

I usually teach a senior Caribbean literature seminar in the late Spring, right before graduation. As any high-school teacher knows, this is not the best time to assign essays and difficult texts, so in the Spring of 2015, I decided to divide the class into teams and have them create Wikipedia articles on the assigned novels using the Wikipedia: Manual of Style/Novels as a template. These are the results: Team 1: Robert Antoni's WhatlessBoys/sandbox, Team 2: Shani Mootoo's Valmiki's Daughter, and Team 3: As Flies To Whatless Boys (Links to a Google Document).

Philosophy of Editing: Why Wikipedia[edit]

I believe that people fundamentally want information to be free. If we want to live in a free world, then we should work towards liberating information from artificial constraints.

Closed vs Open Sources[edit]

In the spirit of Wikipedia, I primarily use references that can be accessed freely online. If I can't find enough documentation, then I will use closed sources. In an ideal world, any reader from any where in the world should be able to access the full text of the reference cited.

Things To Do[edit]



  • Caribbean Islands and Culture
  • Caribbean Artists (Writers, Musicians, Artists, and Performers)
  • Fine Arts
  • Gender Studies
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Open Technology
  • Sustainability
  • Writing

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