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Roderick L. Evans is a Christian author,[1] lecturer, and bible teacher. Evans is the founder of Kingdom Builders International Ministries and serves on the Administrative staff of New Mt.Zion Church of God in Christ located in Camden, North Carolina. Evans has written more than 70 books, a number of which have been translated into French. His writings focus on charismatic/evangelical doctrines as well as practical Christian living. Best known for his book entitled "No Other Foundation: Exploring the Apostolic and Prophetic Anointings" which became required reading for men seeking ordination as Bishops. Evans is also a published lyricist, songwriter, and composer, being a self-taught guitarist. He currently resides in Elizabeth City, North Carolina with his wife, Letitia Golf-Evans and the their son, Seth Elijah Evans.


Roderick L. Evans was born on Septmeber 9, 1975 in Florida, the second oldest of three children to Leverne Jackson.

Evans attended Atlantic Community High School and excelled as a student. He was a part of the first, full, four year graduating class of the International Baccalaureate Program at his high school. While in High School, he excelled in the French language, receiving awards at foreign language fairs and being inducted into the French National Honor Society. After graduating high school, Evans attended the University of Dayton located in Ohio, but left after two years for personal reasons. After returning to Florida, he began his itinerant ministry of preaching, teaching, and lecturing in 1996.


Roderick L. Evans began Kingdom Builders International Ministries in 1999, formally establishing it in 2001 with the mission of "promoting maturity, unity, and holiness in the Body of Christ." Evans' teaching, preaching, and lectures were recognized as foundational, instructional, and also prophetic. Due to the manifestation of the Christian gift of prophecy, Evans began to be recognized in various Christian communities as a prophet. Despite this designation, Evans' ministry as a bible teacher and lecturer has firmly been acknowledged and accepted.

In 2004 and 2007, Evans traveled to Kenya and Uganda respectively. He established a satellite bible school in Kenya named Berea Bible Institute to provide training for Christian leaders in rural areas. In Uganda, he co-hosted a Prophetic Conference, drawing Christian leaders from various parts of the world.

Currently, Roderick L. Evans supplies teaching materials to Christian schools abroad. He presently is continuing his writing and publishing ministry. Evans is the author of two popular blogs, According to Roderick... and Manna Moments with Roderick L. Evans. He is a featured contributor to and writes articles for


Roderick L. Evans is a published songwriter[2][3] , having written over 30 songs for the Christian community. Evans is a member of ASCAP. The focus of his published works is to inspire those in the Christian faith.

Film and Discography[4][edit]

Roderick L. Evans is the featured presenter in video and audio presentations presenting lectures and teachings focused on the Christian life and foundational Christian doctrine and thought.

Selected Bibliography[5][edit]

  • 2005 If They Be Prophets: An Examination of the Prophetic Office and Gift
  • 2005 When God Says No: Understanding the Fatherhood of God
  • 2006 No Other Foundation: Exploring the Apostolic and Prophetic Anointings
  • 2006 Out of Egypt Into Canaan: Forgetting the Failures of the Past
  • 2008 If You Have Seen Me, You Have Seen the Father
  • 2009 The Call to Serve: An Examination of the Deacon and Servant's Ministry in the Church
  • 2010 Precepts for Kingdom Living: Protocols and Perspectives in the Kingdom of God

Selected Filmography[edit]

  • 2008 Do You Know What Time It Is?[4][6]
  • 2008 First Class Discipleship[4][6]
  • 2009 The Authenticity of the Faith[4][6]
  • 2009 Appreciate the Ascension[4][6]
  • 2010 A Force Called Favor[4][6]

Selected Discography[edit]


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