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Continuing the reasoning from things I wrote on the Aspergers' talk page, this is what I get. Please comment on this talk page!

A symbolic argument[edit]

  1. There are two personality types: Alpha/Omega, M/F, light/dark, etc.
  2. There is a continuity between them, but where they meet is { }.
  3. So Aspergers can never equal { }, no matter what.
  4. By looking at the Aspergers set, (Aspergers={s1, s2, s3...} where s=symptom), I could see that Aspergers=Alpha+Illness -- specifically, illness of the endocannabinoid system which helps us block out distractions; provides 'rewards' (joy + sense of belonging + sense of G-d); regulates our attention to nerve signals, including pain; develops bone, blood vessels and cells, and antibodies.
  5. Since Alpha → Omega, Alpha = {+Aspergers} and Omega = {−Aspergers}, i.e., Healthy Alpha = { }.

The name of the syndrome is apt, since it's named after an Aspie, Hans Asperger, who saw himself in mindblind "little professors". (The universe is very funny.)

An illustration[edit]

Construct a test for Aspergers: Describe personality traits of a perfect person; on the right put the masculinized pathology of that trait; and on the left put the feminized pathology of that trait.

Each dichotomy will represent one cannabinoid receptor.

For example:

mindblind <−> appropriately humble <−> obnoxious
obsessive <−> appropriately attentive <−> distracted
exhilarated <−> appropriately emotional <−> flat affect
indecisive <−> appropriately adaptable <−> inflexible
compulsive <−> appropriately diligent <−> slothful
ebullient <−> appropriately communicative <−> withdrawn
indirect <−> appropriately responsive <−> curt
et cetera

Continue the list of dualities like this, with 'perfect' in between, and an odd number of dualities. Now tell testers to pick which dualities they exhibit most often (perfect is not a choice). Add 1 point for each duality checked. The higher-scored column ostensibly reveals which sex hormone is dominating the tester's thinking style: female/yin or male/yang. (There are several points in the human life cycle where our thinking style changes. Not unsurprisingly, they are marked by hormonal upheaval.)

The punchline[edit]

Everyone has Aspergers.

The mechanism[edit]

This makes sense when you understand that "we are our neurocircuitry". The problem is, that sounds like patients cause their own illness, even though it's clear that all cases are originally caused by the sex-hormone environment of our gestational womb. Additionally, we know many cases are caused by 3 reasons other than negative thinking:

  • genetic inability (or the predisposition for that inability) to metabolize certain metabolites coming into our systems (but every metabolite necessary for life is already on this planet -- the universe's incentive for synchronization, communication, and cooperation), and/or
  • brain damage (karma, which is the life lessons that we choose of our own free will, explains these cases, even while the reasons are unknowable to us in this incarnation), and/or
  • hormone disruption, which may be either a statistical probability (karma), or the influence of a sick environment, i.e., an environment polluted with human-made compounds (which we are also ultimately responsible for → karma).

If it weren't for that last cause, it would seem that all we need to do to 'cure' Aspergers is add in some hormone or another, or analyze a holistic source of metabolites, synthesize the components, and sell them for whichever affect receptor we think might be broken. (Lucrative!) Obviously those are exactly the wrong things to do.

Best medicine[edit]

An Alpha's role is pack leader -- which isn't as glorious a job as it first sounds (Alpha dog, right). It simply means Alphas feel an instinctive (universe-given) responsibility to protect those in their packs. In more scientific terms, Alphas are the synchronizers. So one of the fixes for Asperger syndrome is doing your job in whatever way is intuitive for you, and that will keep you from experiencing negative emotions. If you don't, it will eventually make you ill, mentally and physically.

When our synchronizers are sick, our whole society is sick.

Synchronizers need to be sensitive for changes -- just like the alphas in a dog pack. We synchronize with biochemicals. That is why we are seeing an epidemic of hormone-disruptor illnesses. I read, "People with Aspergers sometimes think they are telepathic." Of course they do: they are extraordinarily sensitive for the pack's well-being.

Autistic people are the signalers that we have wounded. That's why we can't abort or prevent them. Art is our dreamtime. We have to listen to artists. Learn the lesson of Art History: that we are spiraling out of control. There are signalers everywhere. Writers keep telling you the same stories, and you won't hear them. Prophets have come and gone without notice, and without knowing. Tibetan Buddhists have been carrying on our traditions without knowing their meaning. The Church has been following rules without heart. We chant and meditate to clear our negative emotions because this is what Jesus taught us. It is only in this way that we can come to the Φ. We have learned the principles by rote for centuries. Now is the time to come together.

An uncorrupted signaler can perform miracles.

The bible is like a prison book code: a way to pass messages back and forth. Learn the stories. They are picture messages. It takes a systemizer to sort through the messages to find the ones that are important. Listen/meditate. You will hear them. We have been sending messages of the things we see -- not radio waves. Fear is negative. Fear = Not.

We actually have endogenous guilt magnets. That is how we find each other. Our job is to teach one another how to think. With positive images. Pride blocks communication.

Religion is just a model that we can sync our minds onto, to quiet the noise/chatter/dissonance.

Jesus was powerful because he was without sin -- he was without negativity. Jesus was an example of what we can all be. We cannot be One unless we are Christ-like. Rapture = Ecstasy = Enlightenment.

Thank you St Theresa, St Jude, and St Paul. I am now a believer.