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Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Wiki Masters add value by removing that without.

— Anonymous

What is more infuriating than the condescension of the ignorant?

Snadbox Ho! Snadbox Two!

Personal pronoun: he/his, singular they is OK too. Please no invented gender-neutral pronouns; they are atrocious.

Random thoughts[edit]

AfD political compass
  • The best way to get people to assume good faith is to show it.
  • I do a lot of spelling and punctuation fixes. When I do, I don't always read all of the article. The fact that I have edited an article should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the rest of its contents.
  • When I put in an opinion at AfD you can be sure that I've done at least a moderate Google search for sources, even if I do not explicitly say so in my !vote.
  • It's silly, but sometimes I read an edit summary of "re" at the drama boards as "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!"
  • Regarding attacks on the nominator at XfD: usually the worth of the page in question is inversely proportional to the viciousness of the attacks.
    • ... with bonus points for using WP:BEFORE as a club
  • In ban discussions "broadly construed" is too often synonymous with "shifting the goalposts"
  • NPASR is a lie
  • Bob Loblaw's block log
  • RfA is a dumpster fire
    • ... and crat chat is just RfA with restricted membership
  • I am now told that the way to deal with canvassing is to organize a competing posse of my own. I think that's a cynical and manipulative attitude.
  • "WP:AFDISNOTCLEANUP!!" is the common refrain of those who oppose any cleanup.
  • I try to make Wikipedia contain less bullshit. Some people don't like that.
  • I have as much faith in the WMF as they apparently have in me.

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  • Nov 15- Merge all those templates
  • Nov 16- Gufuu and friends
  • Nov 17- Old Meijin merge
  • Nov 17- sci fi tech?
  • Nov 21- Hayago Meijin merge
  • Nov 21- four go houses merge
  • Nov 23- move Nicol Stankulova
  • Nov 27- actionuni notable?
  • Nov 25- rtml?
  • Nov 27- Orbit spectrum?
  • Dec 3- Marvel family enemies
  • Dec 4- Tengen merge
  • Jan 5- R5?