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cats belonging to cparent monthly cleanup cats that are not montly cleanup cats[edit]

  1. Category:All accuracy disputes
  2. Category:All articles lacking in-text citations
  3. Category:All articles lacking reliable references
  4. Category:All articles lacking sources
  5. Category:All articles needing additional references
  6. Category:All articles needing sections
  7. Category:All articles needing style editing
  8. Category:All articles that may contain original research
  9. Category:All articles that need to be wikified
  10. Category:All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction
  11. Category:All articles to be expanded
  12. Category:All articles to be merged
  13. Category:All articles to be split
  14. Category:All articles with a promotional tone
  15. Category:All articles with broken or outdated citations
  16. Category:All articles with minor POV problems
  17. Category:All articles with peacock terms
  18. Category:All articles with topics of unclear notability
  19. Category:All articles with trivia sections
  20. Category:All dead-end pages
  21. Category:All orphaned articles
  22. Category:All pages needing factual verification
  23. Category:All self-contradictory articles
  24. Category:All unreferenced BLPs
  25. Category:All Wikipedia articles needing clarification
  26. Category:All Wikipedia articles needing context
  27. Category:All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention
  28. Category:Anime and manga articles to be merged
  29. Category:Arkansas articles needing references
  30. Category:Articles with wikipuffery
  31. Category:Attempted de-orphan
  32. Category:Autobiographical articles
  33. Category:Better category needed
  34. Category:Blanked unreferenced BLPs
  35. Category:BLP articles proposed for deletion
  36. Category:Bot-created FJC subpages needing merge action
  37. Category:Brazil articles needing merge action
  38. Category:Comics articles needing issue citations
  39. Category:Comics genre cleanup
  40. Category:Deprecated image copyright tags
  41. Category:Hawaii articles needing expansion
  42. Category:Hawaii articles needing merge action
  43. Category:Law-related articles lacking sources
  44. Category:Orphan images
  45. Category:Possible bogus articles
  46. Category:School articles to be merged
  47. Category:Soil articles needing merge action
  48. Category:Sopranos articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction
  49. Category:Tolkien articles of unclear notability
  50. Category:Tolkien articles with unsourced statements
  51. Category:TV articles of unclear notability
  52. Category:Unverified BLPs
  53. Category:Wikipedia articles with content forks
  54. Category:Wikipedia articles with sections containing possible conflicts of interest
  55. Category:Wikipedia articles without plot summaries
  56. Category:Wikipedia external links cleanup/DMOZ category needed
  57. Category:Wikipedia unreferenced articles improved