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Some statistics[edit]

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At RfD one of the perennial reasons given for deleting redirects is "maintenance". In fact most redirects require minimal manual maintenance, and as we get better at it, less still.

For example Hacoversine. This redirect sat there, requiring no maintenance for 9 years. I just received a message to say the page was patrolled today (2015-10-15). The only reason it was edited was to allow the concept to be added to Wikidata - which would not apply to most of the redirects at RfD.

Projects I am currently interested in[edit]

  • WP:Tea House
  • Covering pseudonym/real-name redirects - currently working on "S" from the first of a list of resources.
  • Translating bird articles to Swahili
  • Improving Wiktionary coverage of Gaelic languages
  • Improving Wiktionary coverage of obsolete English terms
  • Generating demographic and geographic images for Commons
  • Reviewing and revising the Arbitration Committee processes and policy
  • Filling in gaps in previous projects
  • Assisting smaller language wikis with technical issues

A few of the pages I've started[edit]

and... List of Ace Double Novels Thelin Clofarabine Myeloblast William H Nation 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Spaghetti House siege Category:Royal residences in the United Kingdom Fundamental theorem of projective geometry Charles Fambrough Muckle Flugga Vernon Kell (and other MI5 DGs) Kemal Monteno Category:Lost BBC episodes List of Goon Show episodes - well it was part of The Goon Show when I created it. Peter Glaze Ohio House of Representatives Projective frame.

Interesting things[edit]

Barnstars et al.[edit]

Vanguard Editor
Vanguard Editor
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I have some and I like getting them. I have also given some out.


Things that stayed too long[edit]

Note, this is a random sampling of errors, vandalism and hoaxes, some spotted by me, some by others. The point is to remind us that Wikipedia vandalism is not "all corrected within a few minutes" as we sometimes seem to think.

Database dumps[edit]

Latest dump.


I have also disambiguated "British" (several times), please correct any mistakes you come across. See User:Rich Farmbrough/Disambig scripts for a tool I used to help with disambiguation.

WP errors[edit]

There are so many ways WP can fail.

Useful style guides etc.[edit]



I would like to be writing great articles, but actually I'm an inveterate "fixer" of anything that I see that looks wrong - mainly links and copyedits. I have spent some time on GFDLing about 3000 images, and on some specific articles, for example Spaghetti House siege and Pedro Lopez. I also migrated a fair few biographies from DNB.

  • [8] was edit 750,000.
  • [9] was edit 1,500,000.

All my pages[edit]

See also User:Rich Farmbrough/temp index

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Bits and bobs[edit]

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