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Rob984 Wikipedia editor and Commons contributor

Joined 6 years ago with 16,000 edits and 500 uploads.

About me[edit]

Hello. I am an undergraduate student studying computer science. I live in western Europe and my nationality is both British and French (I grew up in France mainly, however I am a native English speaker). Some of my interests include geopolitics, places, history, military, geography, earth science, physics, technology, and snowboarding.

Why do I edit Wikipedia? Like many, for the greater good. The content of this website influences the views of millions of people, and as such it is a powerful tool to both inform and misinform. Information has the potential to change perceptions and ultimately shape the world as we know it. For this reason, I'd like it to be accurate, and believe it is a good cause in helping make it so. It's also been a useful resource to my studies which I have benefited from and so would like to give back to. And lastly, at times, it can help me to de‑stress.

My edits mainly consist of copy editing and formatting improvements. I also create and improve maps. I edit intermittently and as such may not respond swiftly to queries. I aim to edit with a neutral point of view and uphold consensus above all else.

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