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Beijing, China
Roc F. Irwin

My News[edit]

  • (Jan. 19, 2008) I graduated from Rensselaer in Aug. 2007 and started working for Accenture at Best Buy account located at US Corporate Campus since. I will return Accenture Greater China Shanghai office in Jul. 2008.
  • (Oct. 03, 2005) I'm delighted to tell you that I was awarded the "Founders Award of Excellence" by the school, which students may receive only once during their tenure at Rensselaer.
  • (Jun. 07, 2005) I have started my intern at GE Corporate in Schenectady, New York for a week, it's a nice place to work and learn.
  • (Jun. 18, 2004) I chose to attend MBA program at Rensselaer_Polytechnic_Institute (RPI), the oldest technological university of US. My concentration will be Innovation Management, also I'll be a TA for the spring and fall 05. The RPI's Lally School of Management and Technology, the school that I'll attend, is well known for its research on “Radical Innovation”. I plan to start from Beijing, China and arrrive Troy, NY on Aug. 12th.

CV / BIO / Photo Album[edit]

Created in China, Innovated in Europe, Valuing in the U.S., to Globalize the World through innovation and with creativity.

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My Contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

My Wikipedia ID is 51866, my contributions to Wikipedia includes but not limited to CAIC, Information Technology and Creatology.

Computer Aided Innovation And Creativity

Business intelligence Information technology

Genrich Altshuller TRIZ Creatology

My Hobbies[edit]

I'm interested in calligraphy, painting, jogging, skating, tennis, pop music, biography, cooking, etc.

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