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Erotic magazine
Founded 2009
Founder Luft Media Group LLC / Danielle Leder
Headquarters Upstate, New York

Jacques Magazine is a contemporary erotic magazine[1] launched in May 2009 by the Luft Media Group LLC. Jacques is published quarterly.

Their about us reads: "Jacques celebrates a return to the origins of the pulp title; edgy opinion, arousing interviews and fiery fiction blended with unparalleled pictorials illustrating the real beauty of real women."[2]

Jacques is printed yearly in mostly black and white with some color (to save money) and is available at several NYC metro locations, including Spoonbill on Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn and St. Marks bookstore in downtown Manhattan.

In 2011, Jacques folded due to the breakup of Jonathan and Danielle Leder. Many subscribers did not receive magazines and felt ripped off.