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I write and edit pages on economics topics under another user name. I've also been an active contributor to Wikivoyage [1].

I started by working on pages about the area around my birthplace, Hertford, UK, and my then adopted home, Rome, as well as places I have travelled to (e.g. Banaue). Researching Waterford, Hertfordshire got me interested in stained glass and in particular in the stained glass artists of the Arts and Crafts Movement. I then contributed a couple of pages on important English pacifists. I tried to improve the coverage of the works of the Brazilian writer Jorge Amado and have recently been doing the same for the Portuguese writer José Maria de Eça de Queirós. In 2017 I moved to Cascais and have been working on new articles about the Lisbon and Algarve areas of Portugal, including several on lighthouses and forts.

I get my kicks by starting new pages rather than by spending a lot of time on existing ones, although if I spot spelling or grammatical errors I will normally attack them. I began by hoping that the pages I created would be rapidly improved by others but in the absence of such a response have now given up bothering, so I guess that makes me a WikiSloth.

My main contributions, more or less in alphabetical order, have been:

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