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I am awesome. I like the following: Music, Rugby, Video Games, The Beach, Travel, Theological Debates, Pirates and You. I do not like things that suck.

Ó Rothláin
Nate Rowlan, wikipedian.jpg
Birth Place Oklahoma City
Ethnicity na hÉireannaigh
Sport Rugby
Religion Ecumenical Christian


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Secondary Education Christian Heritage Academy Graduated 1996
Flag of Oklahoma.svg
University Southwestern College of Christian Ministries Graduated N/A
Flag of the State of Georgia (1956-2001).svg
University Emmanuel College Graduated N/A
Flag of Missouri.svg
University Evangel University Graduated 2001
Flag of Europe.svg
Internship Assemblies of God Europe N/A 2001
Flag of Oklahoma.svg
University University of Central Oklahoma Post-Grad Present

Hobbies and Interests[edit]

3 This user's rugby union position is Tighthead prop. Rugbyball2.jpg
Island of Ireland NASA.png This user is Proud to be Irish.
This user is proud to Drink GUINNESS GuinnessBreweryDublin 2004 SeanMcClean.jpg
Magners.JPG Cider Drinker
Palla da Rugby.jpg This User Plays RUGBY
Flag of Northern Ireland.svg This user lives in
Northern Ireland
Ireland Éireannach
This user is Irish
This User believes that the 80's were great because the CCCP made a better arch-nemesis. Coat of arms of the Soviet Union.svg
Ru ball.svg This user is a member of WikiProject Rugby union.
IRFU flag.svg "Ireland, Ireland!"
This user supports
Halo This user is a member of
WikiProject Saints.
Sumo ceremony.jpg 私は日本の伝説である
Great coat of arms of Belgium.svg This user is passionate about the history of the Kingdom of Belgium.
Anachronous map of the British Empire.png This user is interested in the British Empire.

Contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

Portals/Articles/Templates I've Created[edit]


Portal:Rugby The Rugby Portal...the center for everything Rugby
Portal:Rugby Union The Rugby Union Portal
Portal:Rugby League The Rugby League Portal


Ó Rothláin A historical look at an ancient surname
Rowlan A historical record of a surname
The Nate Rowlan Project the band and the album
Christian Heritage Academy my highschool
Emmanuel College, Georgia one of the colleges I attended
Southwestern Christian University I went there when it was SCCM...this is a redirect from Southwestern College of Christian Ministries
Irish-American Student Society I-ASS, the best club ever
Mob Football This game is the forerunner for both Rugby Football and Association Football. Please help compile more information!
St. Louis Bombers Rugby Football Club A Rugby Club I played with
Pawtucket Patriot Ale The fictional beer on Family Guy


{{Proud Irish}} Template to display that you are indeed proud to be Irish (use it on your page!)
{{Guinness Drinker}} Template to display that you are proud to drink Guinness (use it on your page!)
{{Rugby}} Template to display that you play Rugby (use it on your page!)
{{Cider Drinker}} Template to display that you enjoy a pint of Cider (use it on your page!)
{{CCCP}} Template to display that you miss the CCCP (use it on your page!)
{{User:UBX/IRFU}} Template to display that you support Ireland Rugby (use it on your page!)
{{User Okie}} Template to display that you are a Proud Okie
{{Legend in Japan}} Template to display that you are a Legend in Japan
{{User Belgique history}} Template to display your love of Belgian History

The Stuff I've Eddited[edit]

I have also edited or made additions to the following various articles:[edit]

In the Wiktionary I have added to the follwing:[edit]

Life & Travel[edit]

Here is a list of places of which I have taken up residence, and the places to which I have travelled.

the Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium
Béal Feirste, Tuaisceart Éireann
Picadilly Circus, London, UK

Home Sweet Home[edit]

Internationaly Known to Rock a Microphone[edit]

North America[edit]

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Central America[edit]

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J'aime l'Art[edit]

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