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    View of the Brandywine Creek, a place near and dear to me. I also use this picture on my Twitter handle.

    About me[edit]

    I do not edit or otherwise contribute to any WikiMedia article or project on behalf of any employer, client, or affiliated person, organization, or other entity.

    Hello, I am SamHolt6, real name Sam Holt. I edit/create Wikipedia articles, and review new articles as part of my role as a new page reviewer. I can be reached for comment on my talk page, or you may email me via this tool [1]. In my off-wiki life I work as a technical writer and process control software specialist.

    Potential COIs[edit]

    I currently have potential conflicts of interest in regards to the American defense and space industries, and as such will be refraining from directly editing topics related to the programs I work on.

    Areas of Editing[edit]

    As an editor, I tend to focus on creating new articles (WP:REDLINKS) for the project. My most of the articles I write are about art, history, geography, or current events.


    As for some milestones I have reached on Wikipedia;

    • In 2018 I was named [2] the English Wikipedia's "Asian Ambassador" for 2018 as a result of having participated in Wikipedia Asia Month; during this event, I created more articles relating to Asia than any other editor on the English version of Wikipedia.
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