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Who is San de Berg?[edit]

Born in Germany on January 27, 1976, I have spent a lot of my life travelling. I have lived in Enz (Germany), Scottish Borders (Scotland), St Albans (England) and am now in Aldershot (England). For the time being at least.

I studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Hull and am now studying Archaeology and Ancient history at the University of Reading part time, while pursuing a career in IT.

My blog can be read here:


I've worked on and created various articles around the topics of role-playing games, St Albans, popular culture and history, as well as various minor edits, known in the vernacular as "wiki-fiddling". I say this not to denigrate the tedious tasks of correcting spelling, grammar and readability, but to put them in their propler place compared to adding fact-rich, well-researched content.

To do[edit]

  • Hyper-reality - Add Buddhist influences on the theory and information on online effects of hyperreality
  • Gen Con - Expand topic
  • Aldershot - Expand topic

Wikipedia People[edit]

  • DeathOwl - University friend and Wikipedia contributor