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This page is an attempt to come up with a good starting category structure to organize the many articles related to LGBT businesses, products marketed to the LGBT community and LGBT business organizations.


Business associations[edit]

LGBT associations inside companies[edit]


  • Gay Fuel - drink marketed to gay community
  • Dykedolls - dolls that represent alternative lifestyles

Broad LGBT and business/economy topics[edit]

LGBT owned?[edit]

Mitchell Gold Co.


Leading proposal[edit]

Category:LGBT and the economy

Category:LGBT bookstores
Category:LGBT-related media
Category:LGBT nightclubs
Category:LGBT tourism

All above articles just get main category until more articles develop. Do not include Mitchell Gold.

Beginning thoughts[edit]

As a serial categorizer, I've noticed a need for a category on LGBT businesses, but not sure what to call it. To follow other structures, there would be Category:LGBT Economy and then other stuff under it LGBT Companies etc. The media companies like The Advocate have a place in LGBT related media, but three are others that could use an LGBT business category.

For a past discussion on the topic see this discussion of improving coverage of LGBT businesses and companies

Possibilities are: Category:LGBT Economy

Category:LGBT companies
Category:LGBT products and services

Of course the criteria would also be that it had to be a company that targeted the LGBT audiences and not a company that merely had LGBT ownership (thought that could be a different category.