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The Signpost
30 September 2015

"Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience." – Mark Twain

Sadly more true of Wikipedia than anywhere else, where collective groups can press a tiny agenda without objectivity, without common sense and without recourse to the use of intelligence. Even more sadly some articles are just idiot-magnets, around which idiot clusters form, dipping the levels of common sense to dangerously low levels; others attract rank trolls whose idea of discourse is to use walls of tedious text, a condescending attitude and naked arrogance to try and force their warped view of matters where they need not be forced. Still, the lowest circle of hell should be reserved for baiters and trolls – especially those who wield some form of power they get off when using.

I'm male, British and live just outside the finest city in the world. For those who are hung up on names, mine is Gavin; on wiki I was previously known as Schrodinger's cat is alive until 10 January 2013, before the current incarnation‎. I'm bloody lucky to have bumped into some excellent people on here, particularly Betty Logan, who taught me the ropes and who is an excellent sounding board, and Cassianto, who is an superb editor who keeps things on the right side of fun. Since 31 October 2013 I have been a delegate at featured list candidates.

Drafts & work in progress[edit]

Litter tray 1 Flashman
Litter tray 2 Blurbs
Litter tray 3 Lionel B Filmog
Litter tray 4 Garrick
Litter tray 5 GF
Litter tray 6 Pratchett biblio
Litter tray 7 A Christmas Carol
Litter tray 8 "Der Tod und das Mädchen"
Litter tray 9 Stan discog
Litter tray 10 Holmes (Brett series)
Litter tray 11 Subterranean rivers of London
Litter tray 12 Operation Mincemeat
Litter tray 13 Hordern filmog
Litter tray 14 Ketèlbey (for Sept)
Litter tray 15 From Russia, with Love
Litter tray 16 Filmography template
Litter tray 17 TB
Litter tray 18 Christie
Litter tray 19

Misc bits n pieces

Awaiting judgement[edit]

Rudolph Valentino filmography Agatha Christie bibliography