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This is a list of episodes of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime.

Episode list[edit]

# Title Original airdate English airdate
01 "To Challenge the Sun"
"Taiyō ni Idomu Mono" (太陽に挑む者) 
2003-10-04 2004-11-06
Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse Elric arrive at the city of Lior to investigate reports of a priest named Cornello who is able to perform miracles. They are taken to a demonstration of his abilities by Rosé, an inhabitant of Lior. The brothers determine that Cornello's miracles are due to alchemy, but suspect he has the Philosopher's Stone. Rosé refuses to believe them, hoping that Kain, one of her dead friends, may be restored to life. Edward dismisses her hopes, noting that no case of "human transmutation," or creating a human using alchemy, has ever succeeded. Learning that Edward is a State Alchemist and a member of the military, Cornello orders the brothers killed. The attempt fails, but Alphonse is revealed to be a hollow armor in the process. Horrified, Rosé runs to Cornello, who attempts to kill the brothers with chimeras, beasts created by alchemy. Edward defeats them and shows Rosé that one of his arms and one of his legs have been replaced with prosthetics as a result of attempting human transmutation. 
02 "Body of the Sanctioned"
"Kinki no Karada" (禁忌の身体) 
2003-10-11 2004-11-13
The brothers demand that Cornello relinquish the Philosopher's Stone, but other priests arrive, forcing the brothers to escape. To assuage Rosé's fears, Cornello reveals that he is reviving Kain, and has the Elric brothers imprisoned. He is instructed by a woman named Lust to kill those who know about the Philosopher's Stone. To terminate Rosé, he reveals that the body of Kain is actually a chimera he created. Alphonse saves her from the chimera and inserts a microphone into his Edward's room that is connected to a loudspeaker. When he activates it, it broadcasts Cornello's admission to Edward that he wants to use the inhabitants of Lior as his personal army to the entire city. When Cornello discovers the microphone, he attempts to fight Edward by animating multiple statues. Edward responds by animating a larger statue, and when Cornello refuses to give up the Philosopher's Stone, it disintegrates, revealing it to be a fake. Cornello is later eaten by Gluttony, Lust's companion, and Alphonse tells Rosé the story of how they became alchemists. 
03 "Mother"
"Okaa-san..." (おかあさん……) 
2003-10-18 2004-11-20
While searching in a library for information on the Philosopher's Stone, Edward and Alphonse reminisce on memories of their early childhood. They developed an early fascination with alchemy, and would use it to impress their mother, Trisha Elric and their friend, Winry Rockbell. One day, Trisha became bedridden due to an illness and died, leading Edward and Alphonse to research human transmutation in order to revive their mother. Their attempt at human transmutation fails, and Edward loses a leg and Alphonse loses his entire body. In order to save Alphonse, Edward sacrifices his arm to bind Alphonse's soul to a suit of armor. Shortly afterwards, Roy Mustang, a State Alchemist, arrives at the scene and instructs Edward to come to Central City and become a State Alchemist if he survives. Winry and her grandmother Pinako graft automail limbs for Edward, and before departing the town, the brothers burn their house. 
04 "A Forger's Love"
"Ai no Rensei" (愛の錬成) 
2003-10-25 2004-11-27
The train Edward and Alphonse are taking towards Central makes a stop, and the brothers go to meet Majhal, one of the acquaintances of Hohenheim, the brothers' father. The brothers overhear rumors that the dead rise and attack the local villagers along the way, and meet a local girl, Klose, who claims that one of the dead killed her sister. The brothers visit Majhal and decide to find the case of the phenomenon. They encounter a figure in a forest, but Majhal uses his alchemy to destroy it. Edward and Alphonse return to Majhal's house and discover that he has been attempting to affix the souls of the villagers to dolls resembling his lost love, Karin. Edward reveals that Karin is alive, but Majhal attacks the brothers and is killed in the fight. Edward and Alphonse depart towards Central and Klose sees them off. 
05 "The Man with the Mechanical Arm"
"Shissō! Ōtomeiru" (疾走!機械鎧) 
2003-11-01 2004-12-04
Mustang orders Edward and Alphonse to board an early train to Central. On the same train is Hakuro, a general in the state military, and Maes Hughes, a friend of Mustang. The train is attacked by a group of terrorists led by Bard, a man with an automail arm, that take Hakuro hostage. Edward and Alphonse begin to fight the terrorists throughout the train. Edward meets Hughes on the way, and agrees to cooperate with him. Creating a water pipe into the main car, Edward washes all of the terrorists save Bard out of the car. Edward fights Bard and disables him by breaking his automail arm. When the train arrives in Central, Mustang arrives and Bard attempts to attack him with a hidden knife. Mustang uses his alchemy to incinerate Bard, revealing that his moniker is the "Flame Alchemist." He then informs Edward that they have been given a special dispensation to take the State Alchemist exam by Hakuro, and Edward realizes that Mustang planned for this to occur. 
06 "The Alchemy Exam"
"Kokka Renkinjutsushi Shikaku Shiken" (国家錬金術師資格試験) 
2003-11-08 2004-12-11
Ed and Al arrive in Central and begin their preparations for the Alchemy Exam while staying with Shou Tucker, a famous State Alchemist who specializes in creating chimeras
07 "Night of the Chimera's Cry"
"Kimera ga Naku Yoru" (合成獣が哭く夜) 
2003-11-15 2004-12-18
Lt. Colonel Mustang gives Edward his State Alchemist's silver pocketwatch, and Tucker is up for his annual recertification as a State Alchemist. 
08 "The Philosopher's Stone"
"Kenja no Ishi" (賢者の石) 
2003-11-22 2005-01-01
Anguished by the horrific consequences of Tucker’s alchemic research, Ed decides to desert his new career as a State Alchemist. Meanwhile, Winry Rockbell, who has arrived in Central to visit Ed and Al, is kidnapped by "Barry the Chopper," a soon-to-be notorious serial killer
09 "Be Thou for the People"
"Gun no Inu no Gindokei" (軍の狗の銀時計) 
2003-11-29 2005-01-08
Edward receives his first assignment, inspecting the coal mines at the town of Youswell, but he finds that, as a State Alchemist, he is not welcome there. He soon discovers that the residents of Youswell despise the military because of the corrupt local military governor, Lieutenant Yoki
10 "The Phantom Thief"
"Kaitō Sairēn" (怪盗サイレーン) 
2003-12-06 2005-01-15
The flashback sequence from episodes 3 to 9 ends, and the plot comes full circle. After their investigation in Lior, Ed and Al stop at the town of Aquroya and are caught up in the manhunt for a talented cat burglar known only as Psiren, who uses alchemy to commit her heists. 
11 "The Other Brothers Elric, Part 1"
"Sareki no Daichi, Zenpen" (砂礫の大地•前編) 
2003-12-13 2005-01-22
On a tip from Psiren, Edward and Alphonse arrive in Xenotime to look for the Philosopher's Stone. Ed has a theory that the run-down former gold-mining town is attempting to use the Stone to transmute gold. Ed and Al soon discover that two brothers researching the Stone there have stolen their names. 
12 "The Other Brothers Elric, Part 2"
"Sareki no Daichi, Kōhen" (砂礫の大地•後編) 
2003-12-20 2005-01-29
Mugear wants to use a gruesome "contingency plan" to refine the red water into a Philosopher's Stone more quickly, but when the horrified Tringum brothers suffer a crisis of conscience, he asks the real Elric brothers for their help. 
13 "Fullmetal vs. Flame"
"Honō VS Hagane" (焔VS鋼) 
2003-12-27 2005-02-05
Ed finally arrives in East City to report to Colonel Mustang on his investigation into the Philosopher's Stone. He is also up for his annual recertification as a State Alchemist, and, in order to learn more about Dr. Marcoh, Ed challenges Mustang to a duel. 
14 "Destruction's Right Hand"
"Hakai no Migite" (破壊の右手) 
2004-01-10 2005-02-12
Civil unrest has broken out in the town of Lior. Meanwhile, Ed and Al have tracked down Dr. Marcoh living not far from East HQ, but General Grand follows them and takes Dr. Marcoh into custody. The sudden appearance of Scar complicates the situation even further. 
15 "The Ishbal Massacre"
"Ishuvāru Gyakusatsu" (イシュヴァール虐殺) 
2004-01-17 2005-02-19
While escaping from Scar and the military, Dr. Marcoh explains to Ed and Al the circumstances surrounding the Ishbal War. 
16 "That Which Is Lost"
"Ushinawareta Mono" (失われたもの) 
2004-01-24 2005-02-26
Before leaving in military custody, Dr. Marcoh dropped a note on the ground for Ed, directing him to look for the "genuine truth behind truths" at the First Branch of the National Library in Central. But with both Ed and Al out of commission, they must first head to Risembool for repairs, escorted by Major Armstrong
17 "House of the Waiting Family"
"Kazoku no Matsu Ie" (家族の待つ家) 
2004-01-31 2005-03-05
After four years away without even sending a postcard, Edward and Alphonse return to their hometown of Risembool for repairs. 
18 "Marcoh's Notes"
"Marukō Nōto" (マルコー·ノート) 
2004-02-07 2005-03-12
Ed’s plans to get his hands on Dr. Marcoh’s notes are foiled as he discovers that the First Branch of the National Library in Central has just burned down. 
19 "The Truth Behind Truths"
"Shinjitsu no Oku no Oku" (真実の奥の奥) 
2004-02-14 2005-03-19
Ed and Al are horrified by the "genuine truth behind truths" Marcoh's notes reveal about the key ingredient in making a Philosopher's Stone, and nearly give up their quest. Wanting to ascertain the truth for themselves, they decide to investigate Central's Fifth Laboratory, suspecting that the lab, officially closed for years, is secretly being used for research on the Philosopher's Stone. 
20 "Soul of the Guardian"
"Shugosha no Tamashii" (守護者の魂) 
2004-02-21 2005-03-26
Each of the Elric brothers finds himself in fierce battle with a guard of Laboratory 5. But these are no ordinary guards: each of them is a ruthless murderer whose soul has been attached to an empty suit of armor, just like Al's. 
21 "The Red Glow"
"Akai Kagayaki" (紅い輝き) 
2004-02-28 2005-04-02
Alphonse's battle with Barry the Chopper is interrupted by the arrival of Scar, while Ed, journeying deeper into Lab 5, discovers some horrifying secrets. 
22 "Created Human"
"Tsukurareta Ningen" (造られた人間) 
2004-03-06 2005-04-09
Ed has finally obtained everything he needs to create a Philosopher's Stone, but is he willing to sacrifice human lives to return Alphonse to normal? Meanwhile, knowing that the Elric brothers have gone to Laboratory 5, Lt. Colonel Hughes organizes an expedition to rescue them. 
23 "Fullmetal Heart"
"Hagane no Kokoro" (鋼のこころ) 
2004-03-13 2005-04-16
In the aftermath of the explosive finale at Laboratory 5, Ed is in the hospital, and both brothers are in dire need of repairs. Winry arrives in Central to fix Ed's automail, while Al's doubts concerning his memories and existence come to a head.
Note: American distributor Funimation incorrectly displayed this episode's name as "Heart of Steel" on a title card; however, the official name of this episode is "Fullmetal Heart". 
24 "Bonding Memories"
"Omoide no Teichaku" (思い出の定着) 
2004-03-20 2005-04-23
After running away, Alphonse befriends two refugee Ishbalan children. The brothers take him back to their hideout, where Scar is recovering from his fights with Lust and Gluttony at the Central Library and Laboratory 5. When one of the boys is kidnapped by mercenaries claiming to work for the military, Al must fight alongside Scar to rescue him. 
25 "Words of Farewell"
"Wakare no Gishiki" (別れの儀式) 
2004-03-27 2005-04-30
In a flashback, then-Major Hughes promises then-Lt. Colonel Mustang he will work under him and help push him to the top so he can become Führer, and make the country a better place. Back in the present, Hughes' investigation into the incidents at Laboratory 5 leads him to discover a conspiracy within the military concerning the war in Ishbal and the Philosopher's Stone. 
26 "Her Reason"
"Kanojo no Riyū" (彼女の理由) 
2004-04-03 2005-05-07
Izumi Curtis, Ed and Al's teacher, shows up at Central looking for the brothers, but she has missed them by a few days. Edward, Alphonse, and Winry, on their way to Ishbal, arrive in Rush Valley, the "Automail Capital of the World." 
27 "Teacher"
"Sensei" (センセイ) 
2004-04-10 2005-09-17[1]
Izumi Curtis has finally caught up with her wayward protégés, Edward and Alphonse. They have every reason to fear her. 
28 "All Is One, One Is All"
"Ichi wa Zen, Zen wa Ichi" (一は全、全は一) 
2004-04-17 2005-09-24
Izumi strands Edward and Alphonse on Yock Island, where they originally learned an important life lesson before she took them on as apprentices years before. She wants them to have time to reflect on their mistakes. 
29 "The Untainted Child"
"Yogore Naki Kodomo" (汚れなき子ども) 
2004-04-24 2005-10-01
The mysterious young boy who shadowed Edward and Alphonse on Yock Island is discovered to not only be an alchemist, but one that is talented enough to transmute his own body. 
30 "Assault on South Headquarters"
"Nanpō Shireibu Shūgeki" (南方司令部襲撃) 
2004-05-01 2005-10-08
Ex-Lieutenant Yoki spots Scar in a group of Ishbalans arriving at a refugee camp. He runs off to contact the military, hoping to be reinstated. Meanwhile, the military, believing the mysterious boy to be a Homunculus, captures and imprisons him in South Headquarters. Izumi storms South Headquarters to rescue him, but she soon finds herself in a five-way fight over the boy. 
31 "Sin"
"Tsumi" (罪) 
2004-05-08 2005-10-15
Amid the confusion inside South Headquarters, Envy, disguised as Führer Bradley, manages to take the boy from Izumi. After ingesting Envy's Red Stones, the boy remembers who and what he truly is: the Homunculus Wrath. Izumi flees with the Homunculus to Yock Island, planning to kill him to atone for her past sins. However, her plan backfires as the Elric brothers arrive to find Wrath strangling Izumi instead. 
32 "Dante of the Deep Forest"
"Fukai Mori no Dante" (深い森のダンテ) 
2004-05-15 2005-10-22
Edward and Alphonse battle the new Homunculus known as Wrath, who wants the rest of Ed's body to make himself human. Izumi interrupts the fight by separating the combatants with a deep chasm. After Wrath escapes, Izumi sends Ed and Al to meet her alchemy teacher, an old woman named Dante, to learn an important lesson about Equivalent Exchange
33 "Al, Captured"
"Torawareta Aru" (囚われたアル) 
2004-05-29 2005-10-29
Marta, one of Greed's associates, hops inside Alphonse's armor and slows him down just enough for Loa, another henchman, to overpower Al, and the kidnappers take him to their headquarters for a rendezvous with Greed. Izumi bursts onto the scene to rescue Alphonse from the powerful Homunculus and his cohorts, and is later joined by Ed. 
34 "Theory of Avarice"
"Gōyoku no Riron" (強欲の理論) 
2004-06-05 2005-11-05
After storming Greed's hideout, Lt. Colonel Archer's troops hold Edward, Izumi and Sig in custody. Archer reinstates Zolf Kimblee and Shou Tucker as State Alchemists under his command and orders his men to take no prisoners hunting down Greed and his associates. 
35 "Reunion of the Fallen"
"Gusha no Saikai" (愚者の再会) 
2004-06-12 2005-11-12
Lust, Envy, and Gluttony are in a restaurant chewing the fat (or in Gluttony's case, the table); suddenly Lust recognizes Lujon, a man from her past. 
36 "The Sinner Within"
"Wagauchi Naru Togabito" (我が内なる科人) 
2004-06-19 2005-11-19
On their way to Ishbal, Edward and Alphonse try to help a group of Ishbalan refugees (including Rick and Leo) being shipped further south by the military, hoping to get more information about the Philosopher’s Stone and the war in Ishbal. Winry Rockbell finds out a state alchemist killed her parents. She also finds out Hughes was killed in action. 
37 "The Flame Alchemist, the Bachelor Lieutenant & the Mystery of Warehouse 13"
"Honō no Renkinjutsushi, Tatakau Shōi-san, Dai-Jūsan Sōko no Kai" (焔の錬金術師 戦う少尉さん 第十三倉庫の怪) 
2004-06-26 2005-11-26
In this two-part comedy interlude, Lt. Havoc has been investigating Colonel Mustang under orders from Internal Affairs, and he enlists several comrades to help. However, Mustang's theft of all of Havoc's potential girlfriends is negatively affecting Havoc's productivity, so Mustang orders Falman to find Havoc a date. Finally, Mustang is roped by his subordinates into investigating the mystery of the "haunted" Warehouse 13. 
38 "With the River's Flow"
"Kawa no Nagare ni" (川の流れに) 
2004-07-03 2005-12-03
After wrecking the tractor that Winry stole for them, Edward and Alphonse have arrived at a town after a long walk. They separate after getting into an alchemy-enhanced argument about what they should do next; Al bumps into an old acquaintance. Meanwhile, Winry meets with Sheska in Central, and the two decide to launch their own investigation into the murder of Brigadier General Hughes. 
39 "Secrets of Ishbal"
"Tōhō Naisen" (東方内戦) 
2004-07-10 2005-12-10
Colonel Mustang is dismayed to discover that Zolf Kimblee has been reinstated as a State Alchemist and is part of the military force headed for Lior. Scar is spotted in Lior dragging a large stone behind him, gouging the earth. 
40 "The Scar"
"Kizuato" (傷痕) 
2004-07-17 2005-12-17
Alphonse is forced to intervene when Marta seeks revenge on Kimblee for her fallen comrades. Edward confronts Scar in Lior, but their battle is interrupted by Lust and Gluttony. Later, the seventh and final Homunculus is finally, and tragically, revealed. 
41 "Holy Mother"
"Seibo" (聖母) 
2004-07-24 2006-01-07
Scar and Rosé, the Holy Mother, instruct the citizens of Lior to draw the military into the town, but not to make the first attack. As Kimblee tries to provoke them with the help of Tucker's chimeras, he is propelled into a (literally) explosive battle with Scar. 
42 "His Name Is Unknown"
"Ka no Na o Shirazu" (彼の名を知らず) 
2004-07-24 2006-01-14
Alphonse's armor is slowly transforming into an explosive compound following Kimblee's attack. With Ed helping the Liorites escape, Scar is the only one who can help Alphonse. Col. Archer uses the Crimson Alchemist's death as the excuse he needs to invade Lior, playing right into Scar's hands. 
43 "The Stray Dog"
"Norainu wa Nigedashita" (野良犬は逃げ出した) 
2004-07-31 2006-01-21
A complete stranger tries to strike up a conversation with Winry upon the arrival of Winry and Sheska in Risembool; Pinako later introduces him to Winry as Ed and Al's father, Hohenheim of Light. Meanwhile, the Elrics flee Lior for Risembool, while Mustang's brigade, on orders from the Führer to capture the boys, is in hot pursuit. 
44 "Hohenheim of Light"
"Hikari no Hōenhaimu" (光のホーエンハイム) 
2004-08-07 2006-01-28
Lyra and Rosé descend a secret staircase in an old church, where something unexpected awaits their arrival. Later, Hohenheim leaves to confront the leader of the Homunculi, while the Elric brothers finally learn the truth about Hughes. 
45 "A Rotted Heart"
"Kokoro o Rekkasaseru Mono" (心を劣化させるもの) 
2004-08-21 2006-02-04
As Hohenheim battles the leader of the Homunculi, their common history is revealed. Meanwhile, Mustang tests the Führer to determine his true allegiance. 
46 "Human Transmutation"
"Jintai Rensei" (人体錬成) 
2004-08-28 2006-02-11
Shou Tucker makes a quid pro quo with Alphonse, offering to show Al how to use the Philosopher’s Stone in exchange for using the stone to resurrect his daughter Nina, while Lust offers to help Edward in exchange for making her human. Mustang and Armstrong are each promoted one rank by Führer Bradley and dispatched to the northern border, but they may be stepping into a trap. 
47 "Sealing the Homunculus"
"Homunkurusu Fūin" (ホムンクルス封印) 
2004-09-04 2006-02-18
When Sloth, Edward, Lust, and Wrath all arrive at the factory where Alphonse went to meet Tucker, it's time for a climactic battle, as Ed and Al must finally confront their creation. 
48 "Goodbye"
"Sayōnara" (さようなら) 
2004-09-11 2006-02-25
Entrenched at the northern border with Drachma, Lt. Colonel Armstrong declares his intention to rebel against the Führer. Back in Central, Alphonse is kidnapped by Envy, who had disguised himself as Winry to sneak close enough to grab him. Izumi arrives to help Ed search for Al, and the Tringum brothers arrive in Central with an important message for the Elrics. But after older brother Russell impersonates Ed again, they are captured and sentenced to death by the Führer. Finally, while traveling together in a car, Edward and Mustang have one last chance to repair their friendship before they go their separate ways. 
49 "The Other Side of the Gate"
"Tobira no Mukō e" (扉の向こうへ) 
2004-09-18 2006-03-04
Envy delivers Alphonse to the Homunculi's master in the city hidden beneath Central. Edward discovers the city thanks to the page from Nash Tringum's diary, leading him to a final confrontation with the Homunculi's leader. 
50 "Death"
"Shi" (死) 
2004-09-25 2006-03-11
As zeppelins rain bombs upon London during World War I, Edward and his father flee the city. As they watch the attack from a distance, Hohenheim explains that in this world, the other side of the Gate, the science of physics has developed instead of alchemy, and that Ed must open the smaller version of the Gate within himself in order to return to his true home. Meanwhile, with Hawkeye's help, Mustang sneaks into the Führer's mansion to confront him and avenge Hughes's death. 
51 "Laws and Promises"
"Myunhen 1921" (ミュンヘン1921) 
2004-10-02 2006-03-18
The situation is dire: Edward is dead, Gluttony is feeding on Alphonse's armor, and Mustang is near death in his battle with Pride.