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High Priority Pages[edit]

Normally User:SineBot will wait a small delay before signing unsigned comments in order to allow people to sign their comments and to allow reverts to vandalism. However, some pages, such as AIV, are frequently changed, so by the time the delay has passed, several other things could have happened to the page, so the bot would normally skip signing an unsigned contribution to avoid making a mistake. Thus, this page lists the pages that bypass the aforementioned delay. When someone leaves an unsigned comment to one of the page masks listed below, the bot will try to sign it as soon as possible in order to avoid edit conflicts.


The list is manually updated as changes are made to the bot's database. If you would like to request a change to this list, please contact slakr for assistance, as this page is neither read nor generated by the bot and is simply here for reference.

The List[edit]

  • Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism
  • Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard
  • Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/*
  • Wikipedia:Help desk
  • Wikipedia:Reference desk/*
  • Wikipedia:Village pump (*)
  • Wikipedia:Usernames for administrator attention
  • User:SineBot/Sandbox
  • Talk:Global warming
    Requested by User:R._Baley 28Aug07.
  • Wikipedia:New contributors' help page
  • Talk:Main page
  • User talk:Slakr
  • User talk:Jimbo Wales
  • Talk:Muhammad
    Requested by jeremyb 07Feb08.