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WriterBabu is a social network for bloggers and writers founded in 2011 by Srijan Srivastava. The website was made live on internet on 15th January 2012 for the first time. It remained an invite only network till 30 March 2012. There were 12000 authors and around 15000 posts( articles, poems, essays etc) as of on 26 Janueary 2017. Authors have choice to hide their identity. And the author's name is not visible untill the reader takes an author poll. The author poll contains a rating and four questions based on MBTI personality type indicator. Also reader can leave a remark while taking the poll. Since author's name is not disclosed even for the public posts before poll, the poll results can be considered very unbiased. Authors write on various topics and reveal quite a bit that they would have not revealed otherwise without anonymity.

There is a diary writing feature too and there are around 20 open diaries. Number of personal diaries can not be known to a random user. Authors can socialize just like any other social network, add friends, send message, comment on their posts.


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