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Special units[edit]

Group Name Symbol Comment
Energy gram calorie
small calorie
cal As calorie is ambiguous, specify either gram calorie (or small calorie) or kilogram calorie (or large calorie) on first instance.
  • In science and technology, calorie usually refers to the gram calorie
  • In dietetics, calorie may refer to the kilogram calorie.

Providing a conversion to SI units is also useful (usually joule for gram calories or kilojoule for kilogram calories).

A kilogram calorie is equivalent to 1,000 gram calories, also called a kilocalorie (kilocal). Other SI prefixes may be used with the gram calorie but not with the kilogram calorie (for example, do not use kiloCal).

Rules for common nouns apply to the both the gram calorie and kilogram calorie: use lower case except where common nouns take a capital (100 calories, not 100 Calories).

kilogram calorie
large calorie
Cal or kcal


This is meant to be a template that provides a box to quote text from other pages like this:

  • It is even meant to work with text that begins with a bullet, which can confuse some templates.
  • And it allows the quoted text to appear across several paragraphs, unlike <blockquote>.
I seem to have trouble with indented boxes though.
What do you mean?
I mean they end up looking like this:

See how the box is aligned to the left margin?

Whereas a table would look like this:

See how this table is intended in line with the text?

How do I fix this?
Try this:

How does this look?

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── No indent:

No indent.

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First indent.

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Fifteenth indent.

Beyond this is irrelevant, really.

You really shouldn't indent comments further than this.

I think I've got the spacing right, though.

  • Default syntax: {{User:sroc/box||Quoted text.}}

Quoted text.

  • With indent: {{User:sroc/box|1|Indented text.}}

Indented text.

  • With coloured border: {{User:sroc/box|1|color=#008000|Good text.}}

Good text.

  • With coloured border (parameters in different order): {{User:sroc/box|color=#C00000|1|Bad text.}}

Bad text.

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