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Tribute to Journey - Odyssey Road [1] /> Journey's Audio Clones (Odyssey Road) ; "They covered Journey to the note. While they don’t attempt the look (although Paulie G. does look a bit like Schon, albeit taller and left-handed) the lead vocals by James “Bubba” Sanderford matched Steve Perry’s, and the harmonies were impeccable. The keyboard work and bass work were perfect too, and Brian Lutz’s flawless drumming nailed the Journey sound down pat."

The ultimate Journey tribute band, Odyssey Road was formed with only one intention: To perform the greatest hit songs ever recorded by the legendary rock group Journey, as a tribute to the amazing music they created.

There is no intention of trying to pass off as a look-a-like to the original artist. Odyssey Road possesses the passion to perform Journey material with the feel and energy that would have even the most loyal purist begging for an encore.

You will not find another Journey tribute band that reproduces the music and vocals with such precision and detail in a live show. As fans of Journey, this five-piece powerhouse takes the influence of the music and style of the legendary group and pushes the bar for all others to follow.

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