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Interests in science
Programming and software
Other accounts where I'm active

I dabble in NPP and Vandal Patrol(under a different account), drop a line or two in at WP:RD/S, correct a few mistakes I see as I read and create the odd article from the list of missing articles at project biology. My most fulfilling work at wikipedia is when I extensively review primary and secondary literature to add a balanced summary to existing articles. This is something that scientific articles greatly lack in wikipedia.My list of wikipedia things to do (on my desktop) is threatening to exceed my edit count, but rome (or wikipedia) was not built in one day nor was built by a single person.

An example of the reviewing I like doing: "Can starfish reproduce asexually? can they regenerate from a single bit of an arm?"- A most banal pair of "trivia" questions, but questions that nevertheless would intrigue a student and questions that students will ask. However, articles written "one line/one fact at a time" can't answer such questions because there is no tertiary literature explicitly mentioning it (there are plenty of sites pointing both ways but nothing clear). I enjoyed searching for answers and finding more things that could be expanded (in fact i expanded the sexual reproduction section more). Though I managed to write only a few paragraphs (spread over several articles) for my whole month of intense effort, I was satisfied to have given the topic of starfish reproduction a well cited finishing touch. The best part was citing nearly every fact with a carefully chosen, interesting FREE paper that I hope will help another editor to easily expand something else at a future date.