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Some facts about your favorite editor:

I am an anthropologist and a freelance writer. I am a professor of anthropology and sociology, and also teach econ to undergraduates, despite only holding a bachelor's in that field (though I attended elite universities for college and grad school, the university I teach at isn't the best.). I have an immense amount of potential as a scholar. But I am lazy and rich. So I don't feel the need to exploit my potential, and waste vast amounts of time on WP.

When I was little, I was diagnosed as 'unusually low T' and was regularly "mistaken" for a girl. When I was a teen, I attended an old world all-boys boarding school. It was there that I realized that I was actually a girl. I started showing up to class in a miniskirt. Since LGBT rights was a much less mainstream cause in the early 2000s, this meant trouble. I was ridiculed by many of my classmates and teachers, many of whom ended up fucking me at some point.

As a trans woman, I have met significant discrimination. But on balance, I have had an easy life. I say this for two reasons.

First, and most importantly, I'm rich. My father was a top officer of a major multinational investment bank. And he retired+divested his assets before the crash of 08'. And I'm an only child. Do the math.

Second, I am unusually intelligent. So I generally haven't had to work hard for my achievements.

I hope this serves as a good introduction. Please feel free to introduce yourself on my talk page.

Steeletrap (talk) 23:39, 23 February 2015 (UTC)