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My name is Guy Inchbald.

I live in Worcestershire, England.

IP aliases[edit]

Sometimes I forget to log in. Or, more recently, a chronic and seemingly intractable session bug in MediaWiki drops my user ID during an edit and, even though I did log in, Wikipedia forgets and signs with my IP, and I don't notice. My IP address used to be pretty static and nobody else seemed to use it so up until 3 May 2019 (talk · contribs) was in effect an unintentional alias. On 3 May 2019 I changed my phone connection and ISP, and my IP address now appears to be dynamic. Sorry about that, folks.

ToDo / interests on Wikipedia[edit]

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Pending changes reviewer

>Low pending changes backlog: 6 pages according to DatBot as of 10:00, 2 July 2022 (UTC)

Content topics[edit]

Aircraft and aeronautics
J. W. Dunne
Geometry, especially polyhedra and topology
Physics and the philosophy of science
Electromagnetism and Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

My subpages[edit]

In this userspace:

Pages created[edit]

My images are all on the Commons - see my galleries there.

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