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This page is about me, Stenemo. Stenemo is my family name, and it is a very rare name that has its origin in Stenslanda, Småland, Sweden. The name Stenemo (sten meaning stone/rock and mo meaning sandy plain, heath) comes from the locality Stenslanda when 6 brothers decided they wanted a more personal last name around 1940. Today there are about 50 descendants to the Stenemo brothers, most of them being situated in Småland. Among the most famous Stenemos are Erik and Nicklas Stenemo, for being part of the Swedish pop band The Ark.

I am a bioinformatician set out


Here's an extremely short list of things that everyone should look into:

Ray Kurzweil and SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence), two inspirational sources for why we need to spend more than the current <1% on research!


AutoHotkey (for the programming interested computer user)

Dvorak, a keyboard layout which is very pleasant to use compared with Qwerty. Only for people using computer keyboards >10 minutes/day

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