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PhD work[edit]

Markus Stenemo has master’s degrees in molecular biology and bioinformatics, and is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden; working with bioinformatical data analysis at multiple omics levels, using several state of the art analyzing techniques (mass spectrometry, Proximity Extension Assay (PEA)), from several large cohorts (ULSAM, PIVUS, TwinGene)

Origin of the name Stenemo[edit]

The name Stenemo comes from Swedish "sten", meaning stone/rock; and "mo", meaning heath/sandy plain. The name originates from the locality Stenslanda, Småland, Sweden; when one of 6 brothers was told they needed a more personal last name when they where in the military. All 6 brothers later changed their name.


Very important[edit]

List of common misconceptions


Ray Kurzweil and SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence). Two inspirational sources for why governments need to spend more than the current <1% on medical research. Calorie Restriction


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