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(formally "Retro Agnostic") I was born in 1990.

My interests[edit]

I like films, television, music, and video games. I also like manga, but I've read very very VERY few of them. I'm not offended by sex or violence, but I *am* offended by dramas which take a political side, and I'm also offended by the vast majority of buildings built since 1945. I also dislike most science-fiction, because I feel that if life exists on other planets, it probably is benevolent. I like antique weapons but don't own any, and I dislike the internet but use it all the time. I'm addicted to the internet, in fact.

Please, Forgive Me[edit]

I can, and I admit this is a problem, make comments or do edits without fully thinking what I am doing. So, If I posted something on a Talk Page that offended you, or made an edit that was ill-advised, please understand, I do have various issues (not just Autism but a wide variety of exciting disabilities and illnesses), that I regret many of the Talk Page comments I've made, and I ask for forgiveness for anything awful I did.

I also regret many of my ill-advised edits. I act like an immature child at times.


Also, please forgive my pathetically bad spelling and grammar. I try my best. Did I mention that I have been many horrible, ill-advised edits over the years?

Australian TV[edit]

Been creating pages on old 1950s Australian TV series. I make lots of mistakes on these articles, and a lot of the articles I've created are poorly written because I am terrible at writing articles. But someone has to make them, and sadly that person is me. This is not good.

There's a lot of series for which simply I cannot get enough info on them to make pages on them.

I've only seen a small number of Australian television series of the 1950s, such as Autumn Affair, Six O'Clock Rock and The Pressure Pak Show, along with a few others.

Running times of 1950s/1960s Australian series[edit]

As I mention above, I've seen several such series. The running times vary greatly, hence why I add "running time excluding commercials is unknown" to the pages. For example, The Dulux Show runs about 24-25 minutes excluding commercials, an episode of 1959 series Emergency runs about 26 minutes, while one series I viewed runs about 23 minutes. Shell Presents episode Reflections in Dark Glasses (1960) runs about 48 minutes. Autumn Affair, a quarter-hour series, varies from 11 minutes to 14 minutes based on the four episodes I've seen.

US series of 1950s[edit]

Half-hour, excluding commercials typically 24-26 minutes for prime-time, 22-24 minutes for daytime. I've seen some programs run as long as 26-and-a-half minutes excluding commercials, but these are special cases....

I've seen many US TV episodes of the 1950s, many of them with the original commercials intact. I am quite certain I know what I'm talking about. Keep in mind that many of these series are edited for modern-day repeats...


I have a very erratic sleeping pattern. So, if I submit an article at 5:00PM my time, it's possible I've been awake for 24 hours...or 2 hours! I sometimes make edits in the middle of the night, but that doesn't mean I was sleepy at the time! Very confusing!